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RU players are the best team killers

Team killers the RU

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TheMasterCylinder #1 Posted Jul 04 2017 - 23:20


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In over 70% of the battles I've been in at least one RU player team kills, usually in the first minute, and most of them are killed in the next 30 seconds. so the team is down 2 units and the red team hasn't fired a shot yet.

Very hard to evaluate this patch with all the RU team killing all so very hard to continue to play since it is very little fun, so if WOT allows or encourages all the team killing, why both to have a test server.

It cant give you any usable data, other than you have a lot of BLUE players that think it's funny to waste other players  time..

Start to apply penalties on these players that effect their real accounts and it will stop.

if there is no ramifications for poor actions they will just get worse, as it has

Really want player to help you with the new patches and give you good quality feed back, STOP wasting our time with all the  BEE  SITE (read between the lines on that one)..

HowitzerBlitzer #2 Posted Jul 04 2017 - 23:34


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RU stoopid?

Anderwar #3 Posted Jul 05 2017 - 00:09

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It is so common in RU server most of the time are the arty players who dies.

alex08060 #4 Posted Jul 05 2017 - 02:30


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Annoying for those who have the _NA behind the name, guarantee to have some Russian shooting a HE.  

Tahllol #5 Posted Jul 05 2017 - 03:16

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Problem is WG refuses to deal with the issue which would be easy to deal with. Perma ban a few and the rest would stop, just like the idiots running around constantly pushing teammates out into the open. Basically WG doesn't care about exploiting and cheating.

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