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Operation Supply Drop Charity 1 Vs 1 World of Tanks Physical Tournament in San Francisco Bay Area Pr...

Tournament Gold San Franciso 1 vs 1 Charity Tier 7

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BTed72 #1 Posted Jul 06 2017 - 15:16

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Come join in on Saturday, July 8th, at the San Francisco RazerStore a 1 vs 1 Tier 7 Tourney!




Want a chance to test your skills head to head?

A chance to win 6000 in WoT Gold and Razer Prizes?

And learn how to help veterans, active duty, and their families?

Come join the first Operation Supply Drop World of Tanks 1 Vs 1 Tournament.

Registration begins at 10am with first match by 11am.


Map: Mittengard

Tier: 7

Best of 3 matches

Time limit: 5:00 Minutes per match


1st place 6000 Gold and first pick of the Razer Prizes

2nd place 3000 Gold and second pick of the Razer Prizes

3rd palce 1000 Gold and third pick of the Razer Prizes

Razer Prizes:

Hammerhead Earbuds

Firefly RGB Mouse Mat

Razer Hoody

Come join in on a fun day of day, a chance to compete, shoot the red tanks, win some prizes and learn about Operation Supply Drop.

To learn more check out https://operationsupplydrop.org/about/

botlAbash #2 Posted Jul 06 2017 - 15:33

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Wish I lived closer to you guys, I'm like a 5700km drive from there otherwise I would be all over this kind of thing. Sounds like an awesome time though!


This event is one of those shouldn't be rare events that you can meet other tankers face to face, hangout and have a good time while also having the added appeal of helping veterans and active service members. Then you add the bonus of prizes and the fact that the wife, parents or significant other only needs know that this is a charity event :P. So what reason do you have for not attending if your in the area? Seems like a win win win to me.

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MacDaddyMatty #3 Posted Jul 06 2017 - 15:42


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Sounds cool!

Too far from New Hampshire.



HF and LUK how it goes!

Cutthroatlemur #4 Posted Jul 06 2017 - 15:45


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Rats...I recently moved from the Bay Area to Seattle

Derp_o7 #5 Posted Jul 06 2017 - 17:10


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Yea I'm up in Canada see you there in a few mate. 

IcedBroom #6 Posted Jul 06 2017 - 18:33


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Would it be ok if I can fight them from here in my house in canada and still compete for that gold? I mean like your going to have a very hard time finding people to show up live because they live so far away. Sorry man.

lenticular #7 Posted Jul 06 2017 - 21:42


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I'll be there. Now to decide what tank to use... T20, Leo, Comet, T71, or T29?

BTed72 #8 Posted Jul 07 2017 - 05:33

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View Postlenticular, on Jul 06 2017 - 12:42, said:

I'll be there. Now to decide what tank to use... T20, Leo, Comet, T71, or T29?


KV-13 might be an option as well.

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