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Personal Reserve Questions

Personal reserves

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cicerokid #1 Posted Jul 08 2017 - 21:20


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I understand what they do but have a few questions. Say you have one that expires in 1 hr. Must you use it all on one tank or will it apply to all tanks you use during the hour?  Also, how do you tell which are free and which ones must you pay for? Many thanks for help and time. 

_Michael_Corleone_ #2 Posted Jul 08 2017 - 21:34

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when you activate a personal reserve you can play any tank and it will apply those specific reserves to the game played

you can only have 3 activated at a time, when the time limit is up its gone of course


IMO don't purchase personal reserve's, they give them to you so frequently, or at least me.



Themutt36 #3 Posted Jul 08 2017 - 22:02


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Can use on any and every tank, so as soon as you get killed, jump into another battle.  To make is faster, know in advance which ones you want to play.


You can only use one kind at a time, for example you cannot use a 200% crew bonus with a 300% crew bonus.  Instead run a crew bonus with an experience bonus and a free EXP bonus.


Play enough not to have to spend real $$ on them cause WG gives enough free ones.


As you appear new to the game, read and re read the wiki about the game and especially crew skills... and remember to have fun!!

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