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Games you did well but don't deserve

T57 Heavy afk tanks

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Da_Vinci #1 Posted Jul 10 2017 - 18:35

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So I had this game yesterday in my T57 heavy. It was pretty good. Beat my damage record and pretty happy about it but I didn't really feel like I was in the game.



Edit: The reason this game is special is because of the amount of damage done

Game link

I don't know if this is something a lot of people in the game do, which would actually explain a lot.

Probably shouldn't have done as well as I did with the amount of effort I put into that game. I mean there are plenty of games that I try really hard and don't do well, so this is rather significant acerbic strike into my confidence during the game. I just think someone more invested in the game should be rewarded more than someone who's not (like me in this case).


Players may actually not be paying attention to games instead of just not being good at the game (plus some other factors). There's no reason to type angry words at them that they won't even read.


In conclusion, I want to know if anyone else do the same thing as me in this game (and not pay attention) and if they're successful at doing it as well as how + why.


 Best of luck on the battlefield paying attention half the game.

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Derp_o7 #2 Posted Jul 10 2017 - 18:43


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Good game, but I'm wondering if you can donate some of those 13 million credits to me? 


lol, great play. 

Viperr_ #3 Posted Jul 10 2017 - 19:12

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Sometimes I do well when not paying attention. Like you said you was playing a Phone game, well that makes you more patient during reloads and a little bit calmer in battle. I sometimes listen to music and on a long Reload I will glance and sometimes find a building to park next to while waiting and just watch some of the video.  I think it just lets you be more patient but great game though. 

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