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M48A1 and M46

Super Test

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SpectreHD #41 Posted Jul 14 2017 - 01:36


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View PostChad1233, on Jul 13 2017 - 12:07, said:


Strange that they still called it a M47 anyway. :P

For a long time people suggested they should down tier the tier 8-10 tanks with a more historical load out since they were over buffed anyway and give us the M60A1 as the top tier.


Pretty much. But of course WG doesn't listen to good or sensible ideas.

8bit_Gamer #42 Posted Jul 14 2017 - 01:46

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Thanks to all for the history. These are my favorite series of tanks and loved reading through these posts!

kingspeed1 #43 Posted Jul 26 2017 - 02:16


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View PostQuemapueblos, on Jul 11 2017 - 18:48, said:

Two American tanks go to the Super test now in order to have their turrets tested!



M48A1 Patton gets its new turret (from M48A5) with a smaller cupola and improved front armor of the turret.



M46 Patton will have improved armor of the mantlet on the standard turret (it’ll be improved till the level of M26). Effective front armor of the top turret will be ~220 mm.



Now the top Patton doesn’t have good armor of the turret and is more vulnerable due to the cupola. The new turret together with the improved armor will make it possible to play based on the terrain and to “tank” more successfully.

For M46 Patton we will improve the armor of the front turret without replacing it, and will keep this branch as the branch of MTs with excellent elevation angle and solid turrets on high tiers.



Please, mind that testing on the Super test doesn’t entail inevitable release of vehicles’ changes on the main servers.



So, I'm on the verge of acquiring a T-62A and have seen many threads it's going to get nerfed in 9.2..........anyone have the true 411 on this?   Bueller?

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