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9.19.1 - Full List of Changes

Patch Notes:

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GorgoTheMighty #21 Posted Jul 16 2017 - 21:39


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Just noticed that my Chaffee now takes longer to reload than before. Reloads now take 4.13 seconds. Don't recall exact load time before, but it was in the 3.3 second range. Is this another change in 9.19.1? I don't see any comment about it in the release notes.


Also, my Pz 1 C doesn't seem able to pen ANYTHING anymore. I have sent hundreds of shells down range at tanks I should be able to pen and did a total of 9 hp damage. I haven't played it a lot since the update, but this feels like another change.


Am I crazy or is this actually part of the 9.19.1 update?



Gorgo The Mighty

Tazilon #22 Posted Jul 20 2017 - 15:26


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Can you please post what contains?

OlTanker #23 Posted Jul 20 2017 - 16:29

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Was there a change to the soft stats in Arty? Seems that more shots land outside the aim circle even when fully aimed than before the major patch.


thepillbox #24 Posted Jul 20 2017 - 18:53


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patch is a joke like all other patches.can't fix 1 issue without breaking another


jesse098 #25 Posted Aug 03 2017 - 21:34


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great war gaming fixed a load of stuff no one cares about !!!!!!!! how about just fixing the dam game and stop worrying about anything ales ...........

USMCG_Range #26 Posted Aug 05 2017 - 03:28

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Yeah logged into the game after 10 months away still the waste of space pos game from 10yrs ago and look another reskin prem tank for sale. Wow fakegaming  you going too make it in 3 colors too  cant make real tanks that are even close too scale but omg two panthers where captured.  Add them into game lol.  Still the crappy money making game win a round with 3 kills. 2500 damage in a lvl 5   18k profits.  Its a joke.      Ive got over 200k xp and only 1.5 million after 10yrs playing.  Prems that we all got ripped off on that are nerfed too worthless.  O the days of lowes making a few 100s in a round.  Gone.  Games failing  greed is only thing they care about   Best is all the fake vets on the pay roll who cant say a bad word after this rip off game.  Sold there souls too tardgaming the rats jumping off yet

JRingo20 #27 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 17:46


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View PostTrueLeopard, on Jul 12 2017 - 17:24, said:

So a new patch has arrived. My take? GET RID OF ALL ARTY. Remove them from the game. Refund all exp and reimburse with gold. I have noticed over the past many patches that changes have been implemented to prayerfully balance the game. Sweeping changes have attempted to balance the MM system. Some good, some bad. How many comments do I see when entering a match with no arty. IT IS A VERY APPARENT sigh of relief. I see , "Yea, no effing arty", and so forth.

I could on and on, line after line ; paragraph after paragraph. I could spend weeks compiling statistical data to support my opinion, but would rather play the game in HOPES that I can get into a match with no arty.

IDEA- Have a choice- to play with arty in a match or not. If you have tyo wait to enter a battle because of your choice- It was your choice...

I have NO misconceptions that the trolls will probably have a FIELD DAY with this opinion.

All I ask is that YOU be respectful.


YAWNS and moves on.

MrFreeze #28 Posted Aug 24 2017 - 18:53


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View Postarunvarun, on Jul 16 2017 - 03:15, said:

can wg rework the whole chinese med line, the grind is bad and the chinese hevs are just way better in every way



I think it's fine.

TONIO74 #29 Posted Aug 25 2017 - 03:04


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WOT in the line down..... terrible, everyday is a total deception, disappointed....:facepalm:

Edited by TONIO74, Aug 25 2017 - 03:09.

DAS_SERBIAN #30 Posted Aug 27 2017 - 04:09


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MAYBE CHANGE THE MAPS FOR ONCE IN 2 YEARS????????????????????????????????????????? WE ARE TIRED OF THESE MAPS FFS!

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