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Post your horrible US East/West PingPlotter/Traces here.

packetloss lag badservers

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SpitYoYoMafia #21 Posted Jul 19 2017 - 14:53


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View Postdsoukup, on Jul 19 2017 - 05:51, said:

This is purely speculative since I have not experienced any connection issues outside of local or ISP control, but have any of you tried a VPN to determine if your lag persists? Perhaps the issue is with your routes; a VPN would alter those routes slightly and may provide a different experience. hide.me may be a good one to try - it is free (with inherent limitations). Start running your connection through the VPN for a time once your regular connection degrades to see if you experience a different result. Your ping will likely be higher but may avoid spikes.


considering the fact that the ISP that they choose to use is not even in our country is it even a question why people are lagging?

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