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Strongholds - Arty / Air Strike Process

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tiegermp #1 Posted Jul 14 2017 - 14:07


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Hi, Can someone clarify the process for delivering an air or arty strike in strongholds please?

We have activated or made available 20 of each.

At the sign-in the commander is chosen and selects either the arty or the air strike.

In game, the #7 button is is added to the commander's screen and slowly charges till filled. The strike is ready to be called.

Here is where we are having issues. At the right moment the commander hits the #7 key and becomes grey'd out - used. And nothing happens. No air strike or artillery strike.

Have searched but cannot find a step by step process for using this feature. Is the commander's screen suppose to go into god mode or is a cross hair suppose to appear on the mini map? To fire it off is it a left mouse button (fire key)? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there is a youtube or video that would even be better.



Viperr_ #2 Posted Jul 14 2017 - 15:16

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The Strikes are only available after a Certain time, I think its like 80-90 Seconds after the battle starts? You will see a Yellow Loading bar under the Air strike. If Its ready and you click the #7 Key you should automatically go into Artillery mode with the Arial View. Then when ready to fire with a Arty Strike Just click. With a Air strike you have to click twice to set up which direction it comes in from. 

Lonewolfpj #3 Posted Jul 14 2017 - 16:01

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I didn't know they had air strike that is kinda cool. Sorry just started to play that game mode with the help of D-day. Props to those guys

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