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My review of the Jagdpanzer IV - DPM machine.

Jagdpanzer IV 3k battles 3 marks of excellence Review Tier 6

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Parker11 #21 Posted Aug 04 2017 - 15:06


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THANK YOU for the review,..I may have to pick it back up.

Raindrops #22 Posted Sep 04 2017 - 19:28


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View PostDave_181, on Jul 25 2017 - 23:42, said:

What the E25 has is an incredible power to weight ratio that enables it to effortlessly climb to sniping locations in a manner similiar to the T67.

...and that incredible Magic-Bounce© shape. I've skipped so many shells on that supreme annoyance as it careens about the field.


As for the JpzIV, it's been a long while since I played it, but all I remember was getting immobilized/set on fire by shots to the front. Every time I got spotted, it was game-over instantly. The JgPanther has been so much more fun, despite my badness.


SteelRonin #23 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 15:16


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I have not tested the jagdpanzer IV before the gun buff. I used the tank with L/70 for hsitorical reasons.....the tank is a beast with L/70 but now I am seeing that the 8.8 provides better performance overall, I should try it..


But, I usually prefer historical loadouts, and L/70 with dead eye perk...damn...Module Destroyer xD

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