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"Upgraded" turret with LESS armor but weighs MORE? Huh?

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miklkit #21 Posted Jul 17 2017 - 21:04

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The stock turret can not take the 50/L60 cannon but the upgraded one can.  Perhaps there is a lot of unseen reinforcement needed to mount that heavier cannon. 


Anyway, it is a scout tank so view range is the most important stat.

da_Rock002 #22 Posted Jul 17 2017 - 21:32


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View PostProject100, on Jul 16 2017 - 20:54, said:

So I'm poking around in the tech tree, planning what I might do next, and something strikes me as odd.


Stock turret on Pz. 38 nA is 50/30/25 Armor, 32 Traverse, 330 View Range, and weighs 1,200Kg

"Upgraded" turret is 30/20/20 Armor, 44 Traverse, 370 View Range, and weighs 2,200Kg


Less armor all around yet it weighs a ton more.


Is this just another instance of "Because...reasons" logic? Is my tech tree borked? Can someone explain this?




Well, looking at the two turrets in the garage shows the 'upgrade' one is not only thinner, but it's smaller as well.    It's significantly shorter, maybe 3/4s as tall. 


So it's about 40% thinner in the front, 33% thinner on the sides, and about 20% thinner in the back, as well as being shorter.  


None of the Tier4s I bought have that thin armor in the turret.  That includes the M8A1 and it's a TD.


OK, I dug out a tank reference book "WW I and II Tanks" that has most of the early tanks in it.   The turret WoT shows as the stock one on the 38nA is a dead ringer for the one on the Skoda LT-38 Medium Tank from WWII.   The book has quite a few pictures of the Czech and the German's Pz38s.    None of them show that extra heavy upgrade sucker.   In fact, the Czech tank in WoT has an upgrade turret and it's only 1800kg.    BTW, the Skoda Medium in real life lists the same weight the 38nA has listed in WoT.   


Also, the mysteriously heavy turret does increase the HP.


And....   the book has some excellently detailed photos of tanks that're in WoT.    WoT does an excellent job, a very excellent job of rendering them in the game.   :honoring:

Mister_Paul #23 Posted Jul 18 2017 - 01:27


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     I played this light tank a lot in past years. If I remember, the Pz 38 n.a originally had a weak stock turret which weighed less and the top turret was 50/25/10, which weighed more. However, the tank had an armor nerf to both the turret (and hull) around 2015. That might be the reason why the upgraded turret weighs more - you might be seeing a vestige of what the original armor values used to be.



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8bit_Gamer #24 Posted Jul 18 2017 - 01:51

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The fact that the tanks are 'pixels', really they are 1's & 0's, does not mean there shouldn't be a solid system that governs the mechanics of the game.

This is a lame excuse to defend illogical balancing of in-game elements.

Extra equipment to increase turret traverse, mounting equipment and/or optics however is very much valid.

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