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Mission Difficulties.

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Poll: Premium Rounds (21 members have cast votes)

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Do YOU feel Premium Rounds should have a Negative Feature aside from cost?

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KoliElysson #1 Posted Jul 17 2017 - 19:36


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Just tossing this out for general hype and thoughts. It now appears as though the Heavy Tank missions are rather problematic as they require using armor... ie side-scraping, angling etc. But with the veritable deluge of Premium rounds sizzling their collective way across the modern WoT battlefield. What use is it to effectively side-scrape, trying to get double your hp in deflected damage, when a simple dab of the "2" key nullifies your armour angling? Allow me to posit this for consideration:

1.  Premium rounds do 25% less damage than Standard rounds. Since Premium rounds have somewhere around 23% - 25% more penetration on average, decrease the amount of damage a commensurate amount. Ergo, there would be a "negative Aspect" to premium rounds aside from they are more expensive.


2.  Have a set number of Premium rounds one tank may carry. There are records that show that the "Special" rounds were carried on a minimal basis for both Allied and Axis forces. 1 - 5 rounds per load-out. To be used "In Case of Emergency, Break Glass" style. I have had games where, when not being Gold Round'd to the Nth, for my E100 to easily block 4k - 5k damage. However, when facing Gold Spammers, blocking anything becomes much more difficult.


I understand WoT is becoming a Pay-To-Win game, as Premium tanks w/Premium Account are almost essential for Credit Grinding so as to fund higher-tier play. But DAMN! At least meet in the middle vis-a-vis Premium Round vs. Standard Round. Thank You for your time and thoughts, fellow Tankers. 07


The Old, Fat Viking

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