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Meet the Staff: CabbageMechanic

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_Kase #101 Posted Jul 26 2017 - 00:33


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Glad to see you again Cabbage! From blitz to PC, I'll be able to join you soon :P

Nunya_000 #102 Posted Jul 26 2017 - 03:34


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View PostCabbageMechanic, on Jul 18 2017 - 16:58, said:


What did you do before Wargaming?

I was previously a Special Ed. Teacher, an in-home tutor, a snow shoveler, a stable boy, a library assistant, a mechanic shop assistant, a truck unloader, an auto parts delivery driver, and a bouncer.  Not necessarily at the same time or in that order.


Welcome to the cat-herding business.



cardona3 #103 Posted Jul 26 2017 - 13:47

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View PostSilvers_, on Jul 25 2017 - 16:39, said:


Actually Serb was the one who said it wasn't going anywhere. But Murzor or the next guy from activision  i think it was said that if this fix to it doesn't work it would be removed so they have changed their stance on it.

My point is you would have no clue about how "CW" should perform or what works.doesn't work as you would not have the necessary experience in that field. You could have input in Pub stuff sure but TBH your opinion in the CW end game wouldn't be considered much. Heck my input wouldn't probably be much but I've been Playing CW since 2012/13. Not trying to be mean just trying to explain how people would see it. Maybe put a caveat of a certain amount of CW battles before posting in CR/D or having input on the game mode.


And yes toxic people are in any clan. Heck I've been told before that "I'm not a nice person" and had someone send my ENTIRE clan a PM telling them that me and my commander were not nice people and they should join their conglomerate of clans. Thing is I never talked to the guy unless he was playing on an alt account.


No clue? I've been in this game since 2012 myself and have played many CW battles. According the(I think its correct, but could be wrong) mobile app for WoT I have played over 400 CW battles. The reason being that my battles are lower than yours is I took a very big break. 2015-17 I was not here. So yes I know about end game. I may not have all the badges that you have for CW's, but I have fought my share of CW battles many times over. So again please rethink when you write/type something out please in the future. Just facts. Everyone has a opinion and you need to respect that. Its not up to us to judge if our opinions of the end game matters or not, its up to WG. Have a nice day.

Insurrectional_Leftist #104 Posted Jul 26 2017 - 17:40


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View PostCabbageMechanic, on Jul 21 2017 - 22:36, said:

As for downvotes, I would suggest that if you feel strongly enough about a post that you want to show your displeasure, creating your own post offering a well thought out opposing view is a more constructive way of approaching the situation.  My reasoning here is that since this forum format is always determined by chronological order, down-votes do not really serve a functional purpose.


 I can speak for myself only, but I believe many here are in the "vast" majority do not want to see neg downvotes return at all.  For those who have forgotten, downvotes were a massive problem which allowed much abuse. Groups, and packs of trolls from a certain 3rd party stat site were organizing through the top clans in this community, and were spamming as many as 100-200 downvotes in the middle of the night.  Some people were forced to flood customer service with tickets to repair the damage.  These were organized hit missions designed to silence, and slam toxic insults coupled with the neg downvotes.  Certain clans were behind this, an relentlessly suppressed any real input on the game.


Wargaming had told us that it was affecting developer feedback, and input.  It had reached epidemic proportions to where the whole forum was afraid to say anything.  The one's who want it back now, only it want it to silence the voices of the remaining player base which is willing to speak out on the forum.


The community opinion is more than what just the top 30 clans want to see, or whom has the "prettiest" padded stats.  It also has the new person, average player, casual player, who make up the player base, who support the game with "REAL MONEY $"  and who have played a lot of games who have some insights as to how this place should be performing better.  People should not be negged to death over it.


If they want negative downvotes, then they should perhaps seek third party sites that allow that.

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landedkiller #105 Posted Jul 26 2017 - 21:16


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http://forum.worldof...1-ask-the-devs/ can we have a repeat of this for 2017 it seems as if other regions get these way more often than NA does.

CabbageMechanic #106 Posted Jul 27 2017 - 00:27

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View PostX32Wright, on Jul 25 2017 - 10:43, said:

Welcome CabbageMechanic to one of the hardest jobs there is.  I had the impression that mugsy was doing this.  I have been there from the beginning with Major Rampage and company (doing Friday Ruckus and Sheriff events) and certainly is a new era now that he is gone as well as most of the old Community Relations gang (Jewel,Pico,Laera etc.).   But it is very nice to see that WGNA is trying to re-engage the community again because there was such an absence after the initial years of WGNA. Looking forward to seeing new community events and such.


Mugsy is still here doing good stuff!  Thanks for the welcome.



 I too am a pie person, because cherry pie.


Good man!



 Glad to see you again Cabbage! From blitz to PC, I'll be able to join you soon :P 





 http://forum.worldof...1-ask-the-devs/ can we have a repeat of this for 2017 it seems as if other regions get these way more often than NA does. 


We can certainly ask


mojave #107 Posted Jul 31 2017 - 05:45

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So who is going to run the tournaments section of the forum now?

Lethalhavoc #108 Posted Aug 11 2017 - 03:05


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This is a little embarrassing, because i didn't notice this thread until just now.


But, I'd like to say Welcome Aboard CabbageMechanic!



Grizzly101 #109 Posted Aug 19 2017 - 22:17


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Good day Commander!

Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support and for the continued love for the game.

We apologize for the frustration or any inconviniences that may have cause you regarding this issue.

We understand that there may be times that you are somehow "undermanned" in terms of tank types. Please be informed that every tank have their own weaknesses and strengths, and maximizing the potential of every tanks against other tank will increase their effectivity in combat. Rest assured that we give equal chances on all our players for a better game experience.

World of Tanks doesn't provide an exactly even balance of teams, but instead puts players in relatively even situations based on the type of tank being used, not player skill. Tactics used in armored combat and recreated by players in the game are the best way to gain an advantage, but the matchmaker cannot control player tactics. We strongly encourage our players to learn these aspects of tanking.


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Rast5 #110 Posted Sep 19 2018 - 16:30


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My username in WOT is gimpy5.  Before the last patch at the end of August 2018, I had consumables on all of my tanks.  After the patch, I needed to buy 364 small and large repair kits.  I was concerned at the expenditure, and so started a support ticket at WOT.  I was given several different and conflicting reasons why I had to buy the consumables, but after they gave me logs of my consumable purchases and I showed them all 364 were purchased in a three day period with no corresponding battle, my ticket was closed without further discussion, and when I tried re-opening the ticket, it was closed again and again. See the final closure.  It appears that their reasoning is that since I had no consumables after the patch, that I needed to buy them, regardless of the reason why they were not there.


Any help in resolving this issue without me being penalized in the future would be appreciated

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