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DirectX Problem( d3dx....dll and installer fail problem)

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GenMTA #1 Posted Aug 20 2011 - 19:18


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First of all let me say that this is my first time posting on these forums and first time playing WoT.
I apologize in advance if I brake any rules by creating this topic.

This topic is for anyone facing the d3dx9_43.dll/d3dx10_43.dll and or any other DirectX problem.
(I'm assuming your running Windows 7 which comes with DirectX 11 preinstalled)

I had this problem and after three days of research, countless topics, I found the solution when I was just about to reinstall my pc! :D
Fallow the steps and I guarantee that your problem will be fixed and you will be playing WoT in no time.

1a. Uninstall Word of Tanks and check the directory where it was and delete the folder that is named "World of Tanks"(you need a complete uninstall, lleaves no survivors!)

2a. Go the link below and download the setup file.

3a. Run it and it will update and repair(replace any missing dlls/files) your DirectX
(If the update failed and you got an error message saying "Internal failure...check DirectX.log blah blah blah", than skip to step 3b.)

4a. Restart your computer

5a. Reinstall World of Tanks

6a. Now try to play World of Tanks
   Did it work?

If it didn't work than do the fallowing:

1b. Go to the file where you installed World of Tanks

2b. Look for the file named "WorldOfTanks.exe" and run it

3b. If it gives you a DirectX related error than go the link below and download the file

4b. Repeat step 1a(unistall WoT and all its files)

5b. Launch the downloaded file

6b. This is CRITICAL, when it asks you where to save the files/where to extract the files to,
save it on your DESKTOP and DON'T name the file your going to save it in DirectX or directx

Just chose your desktop and than type a random name(not directx related) for the file where all the extracted stuff will go in
(yes you need to create file for the DirectX stuff to go into)

7b. Once all the files are extraced click the folder where you saved it in and find the file named "DXSETUP.exe"
(it should have a similar name to this, don't worry about the caps)

8b. Run the file and let it update/repair directx for you(if this update also fails than do the emergency steps bellow)

9b. Repeat step 4a, 5a and 6a(in that order)...if this doesn't work than your in trouble :(

Emergency Steps.
Alright, there is something wrong with your PC, it has a corrupted file most likely and we need find and fix that file.
Go this link and fallow the steps:

If you can't repair your files than I'am afraid you have to reinstall your OS,
unless you know exactly when the problem arose and can restore your PC to point before
the problem occurred.

I hope this topic helps ppl and lets them enjoy WoT/and their PCs.
(I spent 30mins writing this but spent countless hours researching this issue, so don't be quick to delete it) :)

- Cheers Gen

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