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Where are the Tournaments?

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Bavor #61 Posted Aug 08 2017 - 01:16


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View Postseanphelan, on Jul 31 2017 - 20:24, said:

Not all of us 'reds & oranges' can afford a top of the line computer, graphics card and internet connection.


There are players who play on the NA server from Australia and New Zealand with a 275-300 ping on laptops with integrated graphics who manage blue and purple stats.  If they can do it, you can do it too.  A lack of a top of the line computer is no excuse.  

Agentt_Orange #62 Posted Aug 15 2017 - 02:17

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ya know... (since this is an older post and no one will probably read this), for what it's worth, I don't run XVM so I don't know if a player is blue, yellow, red, orange, or polka dotted.  Who cares!!!  I don't.  I go into every battle and the players look the same -- gray letters.  I'm for the tournaments being tournaments.  Whether it is against a "crap" player or an ACE player, bring it on... run what cha brung.. whatever.  The ONLY thing that burns me is that WG can't even the cheat mods out.  So the crying over "I play against blue players or purple peeps" needs to stop.  Uninstall XVM and enjoy the game.  o7 everyone.  See you on the battlefield. 

mike6512 #63 Posted Sep 25 2017 - 16:47


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I hope that wargaming realizes pretty soon how important tournaments, cw of tier 6 and 8 are so important to the survival of the game and clan's that participate in this gaming community.

cavalry11 #64 Posted Oct 04 2017 - 15:34

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WG does not want to run tournaments. seems like they want all lower levels to just shut up and pay.

Beach_House #65 Posted Oct 17 2017 - 23:34


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Still waiting for Tourney's :(

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Battlewagon_76 #66 Posted Oct 18 2017 - 16:19


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I really hope that changing the tournament formats and personnel was worth it, I guess time will tell but hopefully sooner than later. Many restless players out there that depended on that gold to advance their own accounts. I have resorted to running tournaments within my own clan and paying them out of our treasury. As for Dance leaving that's a shame because she did a hell of a job. Hurry it up WOT

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Snowplow #67 Posted Oct 19 2017 - 22:30


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let's get the weekly 5x5 up and running WG

Josies_boy #68 Posted Oct 29 2017 - 03:40


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I played in almost every community weekly tournament for the past several years--Stand-to, Skirmishes, Platournaments, 1V1. There were occasional problems, but for me, they were rare. I really don't understand why the most recent tournaments could not have continued, while WG used a development server to prepare the next "bug free" variation for our consumption, especially if the build was to be so time consuming. While I expect it would have been easy enough to survey what participants liked about the tournaments and incorporate the aspects that made the events exceptional, I've seen none of this happening. I will be disappointed if WG presents a mediocre replacement.  I guess we'll see what happens.  In the meantime, I'll platoon and random battle, but WG should keep in mind that these community tournaments provide a catalyst for clan members to bond as brothers-in-arms.  Do your best WG.  

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