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when is Wargaming going to fix the lagg issues again

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LostMyMarbles #1 Posted Aug 04 2017 - 22:41


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every battle i played into so far have had at least 2-3 lagg spikes each and every time

shooting me across the map i did a ping plotter and it is definitely at your end of the line

it needs to stop NOW

Primal_Mercenary #2 Posted Aug 06 2017 - 21:50


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I was having this problem over the last several patches, each time seemed to get worse and worse.  Some suggested it was internet provider, some believe its WG servers.  I even submitted all the info tech support wanted and came back saying it was my mods, funny thing, only had 1 mod installed (arty assist).  Read an article about the WargamingGameUpdater and to disconnect it.  Better yet, in the drop down menu bottom right of your computer where the WG icon is, right click and exit.  Since doing this, my ping is still 200-260, BUT, tanks don't jump around anymore or freeze up.  Not saying its a fix, but it helped the issues I was having. 

Dogg_zilla #3 Posted Aug 07 2017 - 06:05

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I dont have this issue, but Ive been experiencing other sync related errors, like invisible tanks. 


The update notes say they are going to fix a server sync issue, so I hope that fixes these issues. 



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