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Video and audio bugs

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drrocketman779 #1 Posted Aug 06 2017 - 05:04


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During one battle, I had the mouse pointer on the screen for the entire game match. It disappeared once I left the battle.


During another game, the sound quit working. Something happened to my computer and it stopped playing any sound. I fixed the problem and it didn't happen again.


I've noticed that the enemy tanks seem "buggy" they move maybe 5-15 meters at a time instantly from time to time, I had targeted an Fv215b (183) and as I pressed the trigger, it suddenly jumped out of my sights, as he was moving diagonally it meant he was no longer targeted.

I had something pass in front of me at rollout on my last battle, it moved from left to right all the way across the screen; it looked like an allied tank but it was moving as fast as 120mm APCR.

Bolted_On #2 Posted Aug 06 2017 - 05:21

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Have had similar stuff happen the last few days.   Tonight the sound quit, game locked up, and had to reboot.   Probably packet loss thanks to the wonderful WG servers.

9435 #3 Posted Aug 06 2017 - 05:44

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That sounds a lot like LAG.  WG has known about this since 9.19.0 update and have done very little.

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