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CW. Tier 10 only. [expletive]

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sidewinderwill #281 Posted Oct 19 2017 - 02:32


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SIDE did very well on the map only an average clan, guys had fun and we made plenty of gold.. But we worked at it every night doubled what we made on the T6 map. We held 30 provinces on T6 with 1400 battles. T10 Made more gold only 340 battles much better. I don't care about holding land as long has we have good missions and fun every night.

Yankee #282 Posted Oct 19 2017 - 10:54


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Well done

brapitybrapbrap #283 Posted Oct 19 2017 - 20:25


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Lol when is doing cw everyday fun

Hiro_hamada #284 Posted Oct 23 2017 - 08:31


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View PostEdge_of_Insanity, on Sep 06 2017 - 13:40, said:


Coming from someone whose clan currently owns no pieces of the Global map, making 0 gold a day, I can tell you Tier 6 and Tier 8 CW's were a waste of time and resources for Wargaming. The idea behind them was growth and movement to a higher standard of play, allowing smaller clans like yours to grow, and not get rofl stomped by the big clans all the time, the problem is, instead of moving up the ladder, you and clans like yours were content to sit there, buy premiums from Wargaming, and not actually work toward the end game goal which IS, T10 clan wars.


If you cant get on the map through brute force, talk to the larger clans, ask them if they want some help somewhere or have some land near them that you can sit on if you don't attack them. Some of them will laugh at you, but some will say sure and tell you which land to sit on.


The Gap of skill isnt what is holding you back, its your lack of wanting to work for anything, and wanting Papa Wargaming to give you access to whatever you want for less effort.

Not to mention that back then there was also areas where smaller clans could fight (Arctic circle/Northern Canada) while the main clans would be in southern Canada/United States and later Mexico when the map was expanded and added into it.

jpli #285 Posted Nov 06 2017 - 01:40

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View PostDaBloodyBaron, on Oct 17 2017 - 11:25, said:

The game thrived quite well under the T10-only CW 1.0 map. CW 2.0 proved a major setback. T6 and T8 CW was introduced as a method to increase the player base, giving new or less-skilled clans a shot at the big boy fun. It was popular, but the side-effect was to remove the incentive to progress. Going back to T10-only was an attempt to restore the original end-game content, but has naturally pissed off the folks who got a taste, only to see it taken away. They have no knowledge of CW 1.0, thus no sympathy for it's proponents. IMO, the reason T10-only worked before (CW 1.0) and does not work as well now (CW 2.5?) is the limited front and number of provinces available. The original version featured enough territories that the big guys simply could not control all of it, even with well orchestrated diplomatic efforts (a fun aspect that is much less applicable in the current version). Even mediocre clans could get on the map at the fringes, make a little and gain a sense of accomplishment. Some of the new methods to earn gold (clan tasks/missions) are a great idea. However, IF wg would simply increase the size of the global map, in terms of available provinces, we'd achieve the best of both worlds and I wager participation and the player base would take off.



I think you are definitively right. we can't call it global map but reduced map.

By the way, why .RU/.EU have a different treatment ? I talked today with a friend on mine that plays in Europe and the T8 map drives a lot of fun/players (everybody can afford playing a T8).

Last thing, If you check on wot-news.com, the number of players in clans is falling down, guess why...



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