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Ammo Rack Location for 112? And What to do on this situation?

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BianHong #1 Posted Aug 08 2017 - 02:49

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I checked wotinfo and it is on the right side of the turret if you are looking from the back. Is it still on the same location?


EDIT: My 112 got ammo racked by the Ferdinand. Don't have the replay file since I forgot to set my client to save all replays, it got overwritten.


On the next game, what could I have done better?



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Ken_McGuire #2 Posted Aug 08 2017 - 18:56


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I don't have the 112, and am not really that good of a HT player, but....


1) Know your tank. You have quite good armor for a tier 8. With a bit of angling the 112 is a tough nut to crack. That said, your gun has only 175 pen (bad for tier 8) with worse than average accuracy and gun handling. In general, you will have a hard time hitting and penning weak points of tier 8 and 9 heavies.


2) Know how you fit in with MM. What tanks are on the other side? What ones will you have a hard time hurting? Who will have a real hard time hurting you? What can you best do to help your team?


3) Know the places on the maps. Where you went on Pilsen there is almost ALWAYS a big TD that will punish you if you make a move. As a tier 8 HT in a tier 9 battle, I would only go there with lots of company, or to flank after the big guys are engaged - and often I will be punished for trying to do that :)


4) Know the local situation. IIRC, on that line there was a JTiger behind you. In front of you there were at least 2 Loewe's and the T-10. As I said above, there is usually a TD behind what you see. But that doesn't really matter. You are outnumbered. There is some value to staying there if you can tie up those tanks to keep THEM from doing anything, but you have to be looking for other options. And a good option is NOT to peek at the T10 that can pen you much easier than you can pen them. Instead, you have to back off while you can if it looks like you are going to be pushed (which the T10 was doing by advancing like that). So when the T10 was advancing, I would have retreated into the building through the door on the Left right behind you.


5) If you can't do direct damage, try track shots. By no means does this always work. But since you had such problems hurting the T10, it might have been a good idea to try to track him in the open when he pushed around on you. This is a bit of an act of desperation, especially with reusable repair kits now, but sometimes you can keep him stuck so that a TD or arty can hurt him easier - especially now that HE is isolated.


I should probably add that much of this is what many of us hope you can learn at mid-tiers before playing a tier 8 tank without at least 6th sense and decent repair skills on a HT.

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oldguy70 #3 Posted Aug 09 2017 - 01:13


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112weak spots:  https://wotguru.com/weak-spot-guide-112/


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