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M48 Patton still trash

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jajanaboczku #21 Posted Aug 27 2017 - 17:12

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Played a few games on test in it. I like it so far. We will see how it performs on live.

One thing is for sure you will see them agein in pubs and they may even be utilized on some maps in CWs.

Are this buffs going to make it OP?

Yes but only in very good players hands and not on all maps.

And No becouse the limited mobility of this tank, as well as not all maps offer efective hulldown opportunities.

Tahllol #22 Posted Aug 28 2017 - 01:27

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View Post9Gag_Warrior, on Aug 08 2017 - 10:22, said:

If you're relying on armour you're playing it wrong. And sense you say you're not going to buy it you must be playing it on the test server, where almost everyone spams gold.


Well the gold spam isn't just test server anymore, I would guess 75-85% of all rounds shot at me lately are gold rounds.

View Post8bit_Gamer, on Aug 10 2017 - 01:44, said:


-9 depression is most certainly not the best...


Said dispersion not depression, which it hits most shots on snap shots so yah, its turret and armor should both be butter but they are making it a super tank while the American Heavies are junk tier 9 and 10 as the turrets are useless and ammo racked easily.

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