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"I have 3500 Overall Wn8 and still dont run XVM"

XVM stats players purple red positions

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View PostSonicAnatidae, on Aug 09 2017 - 10:40, said:

I run XVM for 1 main reason. I use it to find the better players in the Rando PUB games I play in and shadow them, from a distance. 

I've learned a great deal about where better players go, sometimes why they go there and if I'm careful, I can assist them in taking down enemy tanks, without crowding them. 


I also like knowing my damage output Avg for games/tanks. That's the general measure I use to determine how well I'm doing. Tracking WR, good or bad, isn't really my jam. 


This^  too.


I know not every purple player is amazing in every game.  But watching and supporting them generally give a good result and good info.  It can go the opposite way too, sometimes knowing we have a unicorn in our pack I will flex a bit more.


Anyone that uses xvm to stat shame, cry about a crap team or drown themselves, is a dolt, and will be a toxic player no matter what.

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