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AT2, first impressions

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TIMBER_W0LF #1 Posted Aug 10 2017 - 13:35

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So I just bought this much wanted tank and I find it quite fun. It is a keeper for sure. 12 battles and 3 steel wall badges already. The flanks are somewhat weak, and the rear is weak. When spotted it is vulnerable to arty. It has the traverse speed of the Bison. The lowest rounded part of the frontal hull is a weak point as is the cupola, although the 6 pounder has some trouble penning it. It is great at tier 5, OK at tier 6, and had little use at tier 7. I love to roll along like a mighty juggernaut behind 8 inches of steel bouncing shots. Because this thing, is a BRICK.

Komitadjie #2 Posted Aug 10 2017 - 13:42


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AT-15A feels the same way, as long as you keep the front pointed at the enemy, and angle just a bit to the right to shield your cupola, you can just watch spit wads bounce off of your frontal armor all day long. Just don't get in the open where an arty can nail you, or let a light anywhere close. Although even the flank armor can laugh at the guns on a lot of the lower tier lights it meets.

BashirTheTrainMaster #3 Posted Aug 10 2017 - 15:02


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It is always weird having HE do no damage (sometimes it seems to bounce) when it hits the side skirt even though the hull side is only 25mm.

tanopasman62 #4 Posted Aug 11 2017 - 23:37


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It used to be the ultimate seal clubbing machine, until it started getting bottom tier a lot more often in 9.18.


I sold it away after that.

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