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On-going Chat Issues - Premium To Be Given?

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Petro1979 #1 Posted Aug 10 2017 - 17:49


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i received the email below. i did not receive any premium. august 5 was this past saturday. that would be today? correct?


On-going Chat Issues
  • Wargaming. net <no-reply@wargaming.net>
    Aug 5 at 12:24 AM
    In April we observed many players experiencing connection issues with the contact list resulting in players unable to chat, blacklist or platoon. We have been working hard to fix the issue and last week we deployed a temporary fix that solved the problem for the majority of players. We are currently working on a full fix that should be ready for deployment in the future. In the meantime we are crediting all players this Thursday with the following Thank You package for sticking with us during these problems and for all the help you provided in diagnosing the issue:
    •        3 Days of Premium Time
    •        3x 2hr +50% Credit Boosters
    •        3x 3hr +200% XP Boosters
    Thank you for your patience and for all of your help. We will update each Thursday on the status of the final resolution. Please keep sending us feedback and post to this forum thread if you are continuing to have issues: 

Desert_Fox_1969 #2 Posted Aug 10 2017 - 18:06

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Did you log into the game between Aug 4 and now?

cork71 #3 Posted Aug 10 2017 - 18:37


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I received the same email as well. compensations pay outs are still on going.



Petro1979 #4 Posted Aug 10 2017 - 19:30


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haven't received it

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