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Tomato Power & Why XVM is a bad tool to determine "good" and "bad" players

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Crazy_Kemosabe #1 Posted Aug 10 2017 - 22:55


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Tired of the ol "tomato" jokes in world of tanks? Ever been abandoned by your team because of your stats? This replay video shows why judging players based off XVMs color coded ranking system is a horrible idea. 

If you have any comments you want replies to, put them on youtube!

_HyperLynx #2 Posted Aug 10 2017 - 23:07

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On the little clip with the 55% player leaving... one of the most important things to do is to know when to fall back and recognize when you cant win a fight. He may also be farming Wn8, but in many cases, falling back and "leaving" your allies can be the SMARTEST things to do. If he stayed there- he would have just taken a couple more shots, maybe keep you guys alive a bit longer, and then died himself. In contrast, falling back into a better position gives him better shots and potentially a larger overall impact on the game.


What the T95 player did wasn't anything special. It didn't take that much map awareness, knowledge of tanks, knowledge of angling... etc. I'm not not saying he may not have known that, but he didn't need those skills to achieve this result. My opinion at least, if that means anything...


Show me that guy getting consistenly good games within 1000 battles, with high win rate, and I'll believe you. I personally don't look to Wn8 farm, I just play to have fun, do my best, and to win. Anyone can have a good game.


Also, the point he made at 13:30 about how this "hero" didn't take the easy kills. That's freaking idiotic. You want to take out the guns in the game. If anything, he's just looking to get the most damage out of the shot.

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CapPhrases #3 Posted Aug 10 2017 - 23:14


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well yeah but heavy armor can be quite forgivable for mediocre players (such as myself) and allow them to last longer and therefore do more in battle.

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