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Packet loss?

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MastaRitzKid #1 Posted Aug 11 2017 - 05:37


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It happens with some degree of frequency. I lose all control over my tank, my server reticle stops moving (if the tank isn't stuck turning). My ping does spike to 999 and the light next to it turns red, so it would make sense for this to happen. However, everyone else can move/shoot like usual. I only experience this with tanks and not any other games. 

Is it something faulty on my end, or is it the servers? It's incredibly annoying and I'm trying to grind out the Foch 155 before the next patch hits. 

bockscar43 #2 Posted Aug 11 2017 - 06:25


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been going on for me since 9.17, and IMHO wots doesn't care or wots would at least issue a statement as to the what is being done to repair this issue.

NateP2002 #3 Posted Aug 11 2017 - 07:58


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If you have the wargaming center open in the background make sure you end it in task manager. I had that problem a few days ago doing this solved it

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