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DmitriTheDragon #1 Posted Aug 11 2017 - 15:45


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Hello!I humbly greet you from WOTB.I'm looking for a device to play this version of WOT on.Noting expensive,I saw the GPD WIN that i really liked and saw a youtube video that it can play WOT medium settings on 30fps-40fps.Honestly,graphic wise doesnt matter as it doesnt affect by gamepkay at all so i might leave it at low.The controls are a bit funky and the screen is small but i can always port a mouse and keyboard and port it to my TV.I really want some experienced plays to tell me which my sway my opinion.It can run LoL too ^.^

Almighty_Johnson #2 Posted Aug 11 2017 - 16:20


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I'm not sure what you are asking.  Do you want to try and play this on a tablet or mobile device?  If so, you're out of luck.  The client alone is too big to run on a tablet.

I used to run it on a very low end laptop.  Now I have a performance machine, but if you want to run Standard Def and lower graphics settings, just buy a cheap refurbished laptop.

A good source might be:





Good luck mate.

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