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Why?!? Why does WarGaming insist on forcing its WarGaming.net Game Center down its customers/pl...

wargaming.net game center

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Captn_2m8ta #41 Posted Dec 05 2018 - 23:26

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If they are going to force this on all players, I will look for another game to play and say audios wg

Meanedt #42 Posted Dec 19 2018 - 20:17


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Thanks for Borking a good set of games. I will NOT have your third party game client on My PC. You have lost my money and support. If you guys insist on making something great then turning everyone off to it, keep doing what your doing.

You should fire who ever had this stupid idea. Then you should take a look at the revenue streams of other companys that have taken the same drastic steps as yours has done. Your gonna lose money. you've already lost mine. Quit screwing up good things. Your previous updater was thin and un-obtrusive. I want it back. You can take that Game Client Crap and shove it up your .......! I used to be able to install any of your games in less then 20 minutes. Your stupid Game Client now takes over 2 hours to install one game. Stupid, Just stupid.

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AZandEL #43 Posted Yesterday, 11:47 PM

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View PostxXx360QuikSkopexXxK1ngx, on Sep 02 2017 - 13:45, said:

I like how all the technologically impaired [edited]come out of the woodworks as soon as something like this becomes a thing and don't seem to realize they can just kill the WGC.exe task in task manager when they don't need to download an update and blame all issues on it.


Noob. Don't assume the rest of us are stupid and stop apologizing for boneheaded programming like a rube. Of course you can do that but what is the f'ing point of HAVING TO DO THAT. The word is "kludge". I see exactly ZERO advantage to having WGC on my PC running in the background - who needs it? Rebuild my machine and now it forces me to install WGC what junk is that. It can't even figure out how to select the 64bit version to install. Looks to mostly be a way to try to spam sell me stuff when I am already playing the gd game. You do what you want but don't tell the rest of us what to do. I for one refuse to just accept stuff when its stupid, unwanted, and gives no benefit. 

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