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Skills & Perks for SPG's


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Skepnad #1 Posted Aug 11 2017 - 21:13


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Skill (S) Or Perk (P)

Name Descriptions with comments (changes) for artillery crew composition & skill setting. Below are my top 12 S&P skills for artillery crew.  13 through 25 are a useless expense of XP for artillery crew skills.  This class of "Tank" is on the cutting block anyway, maybe this information will stop you from wasting more credits on crew skills.  Absolutely stunning.  13 through 25 are in use by myself on test server, but I just don't see any improvement to tier X artillery.  If it's there I am unable to measure it, but I can measure the XP cost, $$,$$$,$$$.$$ for top skill set on ONE artillery piece. Arty sort order
S Concealment Equal values for stationary or traversing (moving) in place. 1
S Repairs Combine with Armorer 2
S Situational Awareness Combine with Recon 3
S Off Road Driving Really ?? Able to drive 2 kmph faster in a swamp, modify it by increasing it's value. 4
S Firefighting Very limited use when artillery is stationary. 5
S Mentor Okay 6
S Controlled Impact Increase percentages for survival  7
P Preventative Maintenance Okay 8
P Brother In Arms Okay 9
P Adrenaline Rush Increase to 50% of HP's left and make cumulative for each loader 10
P Deadeye Increase skill and adjust for HE shells. Remove AP, APCR. (France?) 11
P Sixth Sense Useless when artillery is targeting enemy artillery, limited use otherwise. 12
S Armorer Artillery is a two shot kill, who needs to repair a damage gun when destroyed, combine with Repair 13
S Recon Artillery hides behind cover, limited use, combine with Situational Awareness 14
S Snap Shot No turret, remove it. Never fire unless fully aimed. 15
S Smooth Ride Artillery rarely fires on the move, remove it. 16
S Clutch Braking Very limited use when artillery is stationary, remove it 17
S Jack Of All Trades Never use it, no comment 18
P Intuition No shell types, very limited use, remove it 19
P Safe Stowage Never use it, no comment 20
P Eagle Eye Never use it, no comment.  Have God view. 21
P Call For Vengeance Never use it, no comment 22
P Designated Target Never use it, no comment 23
S Signal Boosting Never use it, no comment 24
S Relaying Never use it, no comment


V_A_C_A #2 Posted Aug 11 2017 - 21:29


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Before Patch 9.18, BiA should be the first one for training.
After it, by the increased splash radius and accuracy...

I like the "designated target", because the long aiming time of some arties.
Clutch braking is useful against LTs (at the end of the match).
I'm not a "stationary" arty player, so I like the "Recon" skill.

It means that the skills and perks depends of your arty gameplay style.

PANICWAVE #3 Posted Aug 11 2017 - 21:31


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i understand your pain i only have brothers in arms :(

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