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121: Engine Horsepower buff?

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Dirizon #1 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 00:06


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Hello everyone,

Now, l am going to approach this reasonably, in that 121 isn't a bad vehicle by any stretch. Even when it had -3GD, if worked around that it still was an adequate performer. By deliver great alpha damage chunks, with even decent accuracy for that damage,  coupled with the turret.... it is an unique medium tank capable of even trading with a heavy. Yet, combining the Soviet ideals in the vehicle, it also has good camo to use. So before l get into the thread, l am going to say 121 doesn't NEED the buff like say AMX3O or Leo 1 or M48A need buffing.  But on the otherhand.....does T54 need buffs? Does obj 14O need buffs? 


The topic at hand is engine horsepower. l'm not asking for much, as the Soviet meds like obj 9O7, 14O, T62A don't have high HP/T either. But it compounds and the mobility differences are just that, different -- because of not just HP/T but also track traverse and terrain resistances also being slightly better. lf you were to compare 121 mobility with an E5OM, which trades its mobility for more of a bastard-heavy vehicular presence, l am guessing 121 trades its mobility for a heavy gun?  But is 2O horsepower alot too ask for? l mean, fairly, that is WZ12O engine before it. ls it too much to ask for to gain the T lX engine for the T X....By the way, it increases 121 HP/T to still an average 15+


And of course.....everyone would cry horse as to why Russian T X meds don't get T54s  engine. 0f course. Not that their damn '''''hover tank whoosh''''' terrain resistances need it. 



_War_Baby_ #2 Posted Aug 18 2017 - 16:17

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The 121 is fine as it is. It pretty much is already a hybrid between a heavy and a medium. There has to be a slowest-in-class for the mediums, and in this case it happens to be the 121. 

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