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80 percent losses, only way is help from mm and WOT

UNFAIR MM 80 percent losses

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VendettaPrime #61 Posted Aug 13 2017 - 10:46

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View PostFOADAHLS, on Aug 12 2017 - 13:05, said:

It seems that wot has an algorithm, for people they deem have bad behavior, how else in the  past few days would I lose 80 percent of the battles.  That is impossible without help from wot.  So, from this day forward, I refuse to spend any money on wot.  I will not!  It is time for WOT to make the game like it was before the whinners, the no money  i cannot buy or afford gold rounds.


I notice that I fire a gold round from a t110e4 on a lorriane, and it bounced several times.  this is only one example.   It has happened several times On several different tanks.  Where rounds have bounced even off the rear of a tank from a maus or my e100. This can only be from help from wot.

Therefore, I refuse to spend money, and from now on, I will make sure I ruin the game for others, as wot has ruined the game for me.


if it makes you feel better I've done 81 games and only won 28, I was pretty pissed and felt useless and in pure rage, but I asked around on discord ( in my clan) and it seems like we all had those days, it will be fine in the end and almost always has a reason, for me it was not being fully concentrated and grinding XP as fast as I could to get on the Wz 132A and after that grinding towards the modules ( still working on that) it spiked my bad behavior in play style and I lost a lot while also losing a lot of wn8.. We will be fine.

ColonelShakes #62 Posted Aug 13 2017 - 12:07

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View PostUrabouttudie, on Aug 12 2017 - 15:53, said


However, this is not the point of why I am writing to you today. I only wanted to bring it to your attention that this player embodies all the reasons why I won't pay you any money either, until you either provide required instruction to your typical new player or implement ways to restrict their advancement if they lack the skill to advance.




Dear elitist !@#$ ,


No multiplayer game has ever implemented such a system , and never will.  The reasons are many.  Please, uninstall.


Thanks bye.




@ OP most of the replies to your thread speak of carrying, they are pretty much bang on.  Drop down to tiers 5-8 for now.  Maybe push harder , do not stay back.

Fbomb #63 Posted Aug 13 2017 - 14:47


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View PostEmperorJuliusCaesar, on Aug 12 2017 - 21:09, said:


By then I had about 5 tier 10s....how can it take more than 1500 battles to grind a new 10?

Not quite the point

xBuckleyx #64 Posted Aug 13 2017 - 15:04


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Well, I'm not going to say I don't ever get frustrated with MM, but I do like the current format much more than the old.


But I will add this to the topic:  personally I think all the complaining about MM is simply mis-directed frustration resulting from a very competitive game.  People get frustrated that they can't progress as quickly or as high as they like - or they just get their a$$ beat by better players -  and they end up creating an Ad Hominem attack of sorts on anything and everything about Wargaming - mostly b/c they are the most obvious & simple target.  It's led me to the conclusion that the most cancerous thing about this game - and it's biggest long term threat - is the community itself.  I think we should look in the mirror a bit and ask whether or not we're being constructive and bringing something to the game & community (teaching, having fun, constructive feedback, etc.) or are we being a net cancer to the community surrounding this game that ultimately turns many people off - especially when combined with the intensely competitive nature of the game.


For example, what, exactly make the complaints about MM go away?  Some offer fairly well thought out alternatives or tweaks - and I hope WG takes those into consideration.  Others just [edited]& complain without really offering the conditions or scenarios that would make their butthurt go away.  Complaining for the sake of complaining isn't really helpful - and I think it's a bigtime drag on this community and the game.


Maybe the mods can open a forum specifically for venting, crying, wailing, irrationality and gnashing of the teeth so we can start containing some of the cancer while still somewhat respecting people's right to vent.

FrozenKemp #65 Posted Aug 13 2017 - 15:31


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I think you're probably right, Buckley.  I suspect it boils down to vision and getting shot unexpectedly... and from all the complaints about premium ammo, maybe not knowing where to shoot tank weakspots even in a general sense like lower hulls.  From the way some people talk, any time you are fighting a tank 1 tier higher, you have to load gold. 

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