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Tanking /w Science! Complaint System Complaint

Complaint System

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4TankersAndDog #1 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 15:24


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Does the in-game Complaint System actually DO anything??  Well...



ps, the answer is no.




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Any suggestions for a future version of Tanking /w Science?  Please post them below or in the video comments, Good Hunting and Carry Hard my friends.

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Sensei_101 #2 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 16:04

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If you go to the Premium shop and it opens on the "Featured" page there is a banner that screams "Beware Of Scammers".


Everytime I see that I can't help wondering if WoT totally misses the irony. 


BTW: I really hate those Trojan crosswalk buttons but I do feel better being able to push it.

schwert_2015 #3 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 16:12


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In before thread removal! :teethhappy:

Ken_McGuire #4 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 16:21


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4tankers. Thanks again for the service you have done for the WoT community.

tod914 #5 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 17:55


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Interesting thread.  Certainly not surprised.  Maybe have it based over a number of games incidents, not the number of in game incidents.  Yet even with your constructive feedback on how to fix it, the toggles will still remain broken.  Great videos btw. 

Buttknuckle #6 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 18:16


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Lets assume the complaint system is working as they say it does. Wouldn't it be possible that the person reviewing the complaints saw OP at the top of the list with ~100 complaints in 4 hours, reviewed a few games, saw chat logs requesting people report him but noticed no abuse of anything worth of complaint, then decided not to sanction him?  Honestly I think that is the way it is should work. Having someone with a brain decide if the complaints are actually worthy of sanction prevents abuse.


I'm not saying I think the in game reporting system works, because I don't think it does. I'm just saying that the test has flaws. Suggest playing 4 hours on the alt account and being a total [edited]. Don't ask for people to complain. Play in a way that makes people want to complain.


I'm not directly opposed to automating the system, but doing so makes it possible to abuse. I've seen plenty of people threaten in-game or on the forum to add some player to their TK on sight list or some crap like that. I can envision some immature clans asking all its members to report people whenever they see them. Or the community at large silently and independently deciding to report all arty players for unsportsmanlike like conduct. 

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