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Gothraul #21 Posted Aug 14 2017 - 19:57


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This heap rarely performs well and for me that means getting a city map with just the right team comps then feasting on heavies, if it survives the scouts and mediums do makes great horderves on himmels ect.

black_colt #22 Posted Aug 14 2017 - 20:45


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View PostRaxter54, on Aug 12 2017 - 09:19, said:

So, I'm thinking of expanding into the Soviet TD lines. Would it be a good move to buy the SU-100Y to use as a TD trainer, especially since it's on sale. Ideas? Suggestions?


All depends on your play-style.


If you like ...


a vehicle as big as most two-story houses but with a gun that has the potential to one-shot many IV, V, and some VI vehicles - then the SU-100Y warrants a look.


a vehicle that has great mobility, armor that can bounce a fair amount of rounds, but with a gun that can deal some serious damage - then the SU-122-44 warrants a look.


The SU-100Y has very very poor camo values, not a great traverse speed, not a great power-to-weight ratio, ok terrain resistances and a OK DPM of 1720.  One great thing about it is the absolute joy you get when you absolutely smash a vehicle with a single round.  Shell costs are high for a Tier VI vehicle at 630 each.


The SU-122-44 has good camo values, pretty good traverse speed, a good power-to-weigh ratio, good terrain resistances and a scary DPM of 3050.  Due to its sloped armor it can bounce a round or two, almost eight rounds a minute can surprise quite a few vehicles especially when you combine that with a 47 kph speed.  Shell costs are 1025 each so the net credit potential is lessen on a per shot basis versus the SU-100Y.


Another aspect to look at is the SU-100Y is a Tier VI vehicles and the SU-122-44 is a Tier VII vehicle and are you comfortable playing against potential Tier VIII and Tier IX vehicles respectively.


The closest comparisons I can make is think of the SU-100Y as a bigger, slower AT-1 but with a very nasty gun and the SU-122-44 in the same family as the Death Weasel [E 25] which trades rate-of-fire for greater pen, damage and DPM for slightly less mobility, accuracy, aim-time, and view range.  The SU-122-44 also has a greater shell cost [almost 10X that of the Death Weasel]


Hope this helps ...



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Chesilin #23 Posted Aug 15 2017 - 05:49


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I've never played the SU-100Y, but playing against it is annoying. And as a filthy arty player, I can assure you that what is annoying to play against is generally fun to play. So there's that lol. 


Just know that when I see an SU-100Y on the enemy team, I WILL focus my fire on it. This includes when I'm an arty, and since that tank's camo is potato++, just something for you to keep in mind as thousands of furious HE shells rain from the sky into your soft, delicious barn-house "turret".


Cheers :great:

Komitadjie #24 Posted Aug 17 2017 - 14:33


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I've actually been having better luck playing it in the last week or so, I'm starting to get a better feel for how it's play style is different than everything else. It seems to be horribly useless in city maps unless you get lucky, but in a map with some hills to use, it's friggin fun. I've actually stopped even trying to use concealment, it's camo rating is just too darn bad, and I've been using it as back line support for my heavies and playing it like a high alpha second line heavy. It's not always the most useful play, but getting too a spot where you are covered from the other side, and can have a clear line of sight to your OWN heavies seems to be working for me. If they start getting pushed and falling back, or they get flanked, you have your chance. Especially flanking mediums that are trying to get sneaky shots at the sides of your heavies. One slap with that naval gun, and they tend to scurry for rocks again!

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AbramsSmakr #25 Posted Aug 19 2017 - 07:48


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View PostWorland, on Aug 12 2017 - 18:59, said:

It's very situational. You either get a fun shooting gallery and bank 50k credits. Or you miss every shot, or every shot bounces, or you die in the first 2 minutes without firing a shot.



I won mine over 2 years ago during an easy contest where all you had to do was login to WOT every day for like 60 days. You didn't even have to play a game. It was better back then than now IMO. It definitely gets in situations where you move up to a spot that works well in other TD's, but when you pull up in the SU-100Y you get spotted early and often. It's gun depression is pretty bad for unknown reasons, considering its got plenty of room to drop it's barrel. That lack of gun depression can get you spotted and killed when trying to pull up into a hill or rise to fire. 


Then again, if your team manages to scout well, and the other team manages to get spotted far enough back that they don't spot you, AND you can find open firing lanes in today's restricted maps, then you can do serious damage(provided it doesn't miss, or bounce, or do meaningless "critical damage" that awards no damage, which seems to happen somewhat often with that TD)

RF_Van #26 Posted Aug 21 2017 - 08:06


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SU-122-44...390 alpha every 6.5 seconds, is an impressive stat.

Cheesehead1964 #27 Posted Aug 21 2017 - 13:55

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Just got my second 1st Class Mastery Badge in the SU100Y, which is good for me. My first one, I had five kills. So yeah, I like it!

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