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Friend unable to log in or submit ticket

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Karou_Fox #1 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 21:37


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My friend made a Wargaming account and received an email confirming this, but receives an error message saying an account with that email does not exist when trying to log in, even though he was sent a confirmation email. When trying to submit a ticked, it requires you to have an email for the account you're having problems with, but since Wargaming's servers can't find an account with this email, he can't submit a ticket or log in to the forums. I'll paste what he was going to submit on a ticket here and include the pictures.


"I have linked my email to an account on wargaming.net, however I am unable to log back into any of wargaming's websites or games, even though I added a password to my account, and even recieved an email about it. Trying to reset my password brings up an error saying an account with my email doesn't exist, and when I try to make another account using my email, I get a message saying the username I picked is already in use, even though I got an email with my username in it."




9435 #2 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 21:55


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Good luck with that.  WG is useless when it comes to helping people.  They have an automated help system with no people there to actually help.

Lethalhavoc #3 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 23:33


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Here you go.

Submit a ticket with all of your info and they'll help you out.



Oh, and there is a chance that your friend downloaded the EU client, instead of the NA client.

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riff_ #4 Posted Aug 13 2017 - 00:16


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You may want to block out that email.  The trolls run deep on this forum.

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