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Unoffical Silver League Meeting

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Guest_Aquatic_Poi_* #1 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 22:27

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UPDATE 8/22/17: The Third USL Meeting will be on Wednesday the 23rd at 9 PM Eastern time at the teamspeak address


Hey everyone! My post asking about interest in a potential Unofficial Silver League (which I will call USL for short from now on) received a huge amount of response from the community. To start things going, I'll be hosting several meetings soon to start developing this league.


WHAT: First Unofficial Silver League Meeting

WHEN: Monday, August 14th, at 9:30 PM Eastern.

WHERE: FD_UP Clan's Teamspeak, at the address fdup.teamspeak.network

WHY: To discuss the development of the league. I'll post the agenda below.
WHO: Everyone interested in USL, whether it be participating, supporting, or just wanting to be in the know.


USL First Meeting Agenda

Goal: To reach a point where we can describe how the league will work from beginning to end.

The following points are to be discussed and decided upon.

1. Organization/hierarchy. Head admin, admins, officers, etc.

2. Format. Round robin, swiss, etc.

3. Schedule. Match days/times, etc.

4. Rules. Would we match gold league, or modify rules? Also decide on someone to draft rules.

5. Open Discussion. During this time points that were brought up by meeting attendees will be discussed.


A second meeting will follow on Wednesday, August 16th at 9:30 Eastern. More details about this meeting to follow.


Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you all there!


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jetrecto #2 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 22:30


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Bump because we want to make USL a thing while we have no Silver league to play and we want to make this League great again


Ruukil #3 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 22:41

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I'll attend.

jetrecto #4 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 22:51


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Also if anyone is interested in the USL project, feel free to come on our discord https://discord.gg/S6K4ZQf    

We will be giving infos about the development over there, any USL fan can come and have fun woth pther tankers with the same objectives

Guilty_By_Association_xD #5 Posted Aug 13 2017 - 00:20


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feels bad for no sliver was fun to see some interesting strats, maybe this can bring some good games.


Guest_Aquatic_Poi_* #6 Posted Aug 13 2017 - 16:49

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Please make sure to share this with as many Silver players as possible. I want to make sure everyone has a chance to get involved with it.

Guest_Aquatic_Poi_* #7 Posted Aug 14 2017 - 22:48

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Hey everyone, just a bump as a reminder about the meeting tonight! I'll see y'all there!

Guest_tallnob_* #8 Posted Aug 15 2017 - 04:39

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Great meeting, many thanks to Poi for hosting and everyone for showing up. Except LordSammy. Noob.


Same Bat-Time Wednesday I believe?

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Guest_Aquatic_Poi_* #9 Posted Aug 15 2017 - 18:59

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Yep, same time and place on Wednesday is our next meeting. We had a great start, now lets put words to action and make this happen!

Guest_Aquatic_Poi_* #10 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 23:51

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Hey everyone! Don't forget, we will be having a Second USL Meeting tonight at 9:30 Eastern time! I'll see y'all there!

Guest_Aquatic_Poi_* #11 Posted Aug 22 2017 - 20:09

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UPDATE 8/22/17: The Third USL Meeting will be on Wednesday the 23rd at 9 PM Eastern time at the teamspeak address

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