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World of Tanks PC Americas Server Merge FAQ

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Lugia345 #1441 Posted Dec 09 2018 - 15:32


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View PostFighterAce, on Dec 06 2018 - 17:58, said:

Watch them add a paid server transfer feature at the end of 2019 and make us pay for it. That sounds a lot more like the greedy WG we all know.


If they would just do it then we would ahve less problems Blizzard does this for years in WoW but here they are apperently to *****, to do so

xXx_Ady_xXx #1442 Posted Today, 01:13 PM


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Hey fellow tankers who are suffering together, during Quickybaby latest stream related to the IS3-A, he clearely mentioned that he did not get a Alpha badge because his account was created on NA, and he asked WG to move it to EU!!!! That was when he was not famous mind you!!!


WG how can you do this, how can you have such [edited]double standards, I think I requested my accouny to be shifted roughly the same time QB did, but WG topd me to [edited]off!!!


WG you are the worst gaming company ever, and I will do my best to post and follow you wherever on social media to expose you for what you are!

FighterAce #1443 Posted Today, 02:33 PM

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They probably transferred his account right after the EU-NA split. Tankers that chose the wrong server still had some time to request a transfer to their server of choice. Its hilarious when you know about this and see all the WG's claims how server transfers are impossible due to a technical limitation. They've been lying to us from the start.

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