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Jumbo or easy 8

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SirBullzeye #21 Posted Aug 15 2017 - 20:32


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Ok so these are my options

1:Go back and grind to t1 heavy to get t29 and get the 90 mm

2:Go with the jumbo and grind through t29 to get the 90mm(Probably the worst option)

3:Go down e8 and get t20 and get the 90mm then go down jumbo or m6.

Tell me if I missed anything

clover13 #22 Posted Nov 20 2017 - 08:08


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I love my jumbo I also have a fury I'm not in love with the playing style u use makes a the choice r u a sniper or up close n personal is not being accurate at long range worth giving up 2 watch tanks explode in 1 shot or the ability 2 hurt heavy with cheap he ammo  lol 

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