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Never should have been split in the first place

server merge

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Kaidra #1 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 06:06


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I use to be more active and more competitive but nowadays I'm more laid back and am a casual player. (So you know what kind of player I am)


I've been playing World of Tanks since I remember it being in beta. I played it occasionally during beta but didn't get too much into it till a bit after it launched.

Back in those days there was only one server, and it was located on the east coast. Coming from the west coast this was a little downer for me but I learned to adjust to my 100 ping and got use to it.


However years later when the servers became west and east coast, I should have been thrilled but I wasn't. Why? I have adjusted to years of playing with that ping delay and kept to east coast as I was use to it. When I finally played on the west coast it was well... weird. The mindset I had for the timed sniper shots were totally off. Some of you thinking so what? Here is the thing, it would in fact cripple you. Probably asking yourself "no way, I have a lower ping and it's great!". Let me explain, if you are in a active clan and you're in one of them getting gold, then you know by now that ALL clan wars battles are always on the east coast. (Bear in mind I have not been in any active clan wars battles in over a year so it may have changed, and correct me if it has). So then your game would be a little off if you constantly practiced on the west coast then played clan wars which is on the east coast, you're going to come into it with a slight disadvantage.


I'm glad that the servers are merging into one. Hopefully it'll stay in one location for a long time, and stay as one server. This will help everyone in the long run. Some peoples will fall, some others will rise. (If you see your ping rise and it's still under 100 then you're fine, trust me)


This is my opinion about the server split and now merge. Have a good day. :B


johnmadara #2 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 08:12


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merge should finally fix mm problems and help with every other mode that sucks up 2 minute que times like team battles and strongholds

OraBera #3 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 15:14


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View Postjohnmadara, on Aug 16 2017 - 08:12, said:

merge should finally fix mm problems and help with every other mode that sucks up 2 minute que times like team battles and strongholds


Stopped playing on the west server (slightly closer to me in Colorado) long ago, it always seemed that the MM problems I complained about were worse with the smaller population there. And that WG never seemed to really care since the larger population in Europe wasn't experiencing the game the same way we were.

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yawny1 #4 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 16:05


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From my experience the server split actually hurt midwest players like my self. The only thing the server split did was decrease the quality of matches and increase queue time. You could ether play on the west server where clan events where none existent, or play on the east server with ping galore issues.

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