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ApathyCurve #1 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 14:50

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A couple years ago when you split the servers, we're all like "Um... why?"  To which you replied it would improve latency.  Us:  "Just locate it in a more geographically central area."  You: "No.  Won't work."



Mercer_Keel #2 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 14:54


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I wish I could of been in this board meeting when the one person with common sense brought this up. 

CynicalDutchie #3 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 14:55


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View PostMercer_Keel, on Aug 16 2017 - 14:54, said:

I wish I could of been in this board meeting when the one person with common sense brought this up. 


Ha! good joke, it's funny because people with common sense don't exist at WG.

Viper69 #4 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 14:59


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Yeah most of us in NA always wondered why you would divide them geographically. My guess is at first their servers probably couldn't handle it so they opted for two locations. Now that they either A. Have more money and can afford a better server setup or B.The population of both servers is about equal to what east coast was by itself a few years ago. I live in Ohio so it won't effect my ping one centilla because I think I'm in the middle of where east was and where the new one is.

24_inch_pythons #5 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 15:40


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I don't know... but I think they did it to have a server on the NA for the people from Asia to play from and the people from EU to play from. Now that only three people from Asia play NA and three people from EU play on NA they figure it's time to just have one server (all the population here ever supported).

Themutt36 #6 Posted Aug 16 2017 - 15:44


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If the WoT had kept growing like it did the first 2-3 years, the second server might have worked perfectly.  I imagine that servers have become more efficient since then also.

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