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STOP THE BUFFS - Tanks are Losing their Identity

Buff balance tanks russian bias nerf

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Poll: STOP THE BUFFS - Tanks are Losing their Identity (53 members have cast votes)

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Are tanks losing their Identity?

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Is it a good thing?

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Asassian7 #21 Posted Aug 17 2017 - 01:44


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View PostHippowolf, on Aug 17 2017 - 12:34, said:


​Just want to say.  You have a LOT of posts on this forum.  Not implying anything at all, just found that number to be a bit amazing.  GJ.

lol, well I've been posting since like 2012 and used to spend a lot of my time on the forums when like on the bus going to school/waiting for classes/etc etc etc. 

View PostAvalon304, on Aug 17 2017 - 12:39, said:


The Type change isnt even happening in 9.20... its happening the patch after it at this rate.

well theres goes any desire I had for 9.20 to be a thing ever

wjenkins229 #22 Posted Aug 17 2017 - 06:24

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Type 59 buff, what is this wizardry you speak of.  Will I get my acceleration back???  Will I once again bounce a round?   Tell me, tell me, I want to know?

Aegis270 #23 Posted Aug 17 2017 - 12:20


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Now hold on. You can lambast WG for [edited]servers, and OP premiums, and terrible balance, and wonky game design, and premium rounds, and every single gimicky game mode they release and drop within half a year, and I won't mind. But don't you dare say that some of these buffs aren't warranted.


Go and play the Centurions right now. Have fun. They are massive, unarmored, low DPM low alpha misery boxes that can't do a damn thing in most of the games they're put in. Want to poke a ridgeline? No way. Slapped in the face by anything with a gun. I've been penetrated by tier 6 MTs, right through the gun mantlet. Want to flank or snipe? Can't. The things are massive, and have correspondingly terrible camo ratings. Want to brawl? Nope. The UFP armor isn't any better than the turret armor, and the ammo rack is directly behind the LFP. 


There is literally no role those tanks fill better than other tanks at their tiers. Or even below, in some cases. 


But it wasn't always this way. Back before they were converted to HD, they had incredibly tough mantlets that allowed them to poke ridgelines with the best of them. You could pull out, plant a shot where it needed to go thanks to the high pen and good gun handling, and pull back while their hastily aimed return fire ricocheted off the mantlet. It was wonderful, and they were great fun to play. That one trait made them balanced. In fact, even at their prime some would even have called them underpowered. But when they got converted to HD, the completely butchered their armor profiles, and gave them nothing in return. Same with the Caernarvon, which, once upon a time, had an UFP that could rival a Tiger II, and if hulldown on a hull could take on an IS-3. It was still weak, but completely bearable. Now it's just miserable, and their attempts to fix these mistakes with speed upgrades and unhistorical turrets never fixed the problem. 


And, now that they're finally addressing this, and undoing the damage they did years ago, people are getting outraged over it? Not even the buffs, but the concept of buffing altogether? No way. Talk to me when they buff the Batchat, and the IS-3, and the O-I Experimental, or the Defender or the slew of other premium tanks. Yeah, I'm a little pissed that they're buffing the Obj 140. But it's not that much of a buff altogether, and it'll still be beatable. But at least direct your anger at the problem buffs, not the concept of buffs altogether. 

teamoldmill #24 Posted Aug 17 2017 - 12:56


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Thank goodness some casemate TDs are getting buffed, and mid tier German tanks are getting buffed..... wait... just premiums and mediums from other nations.


Mediums with super heavy level turrets and no other weaknesses..... smart. Premiums with the same.... smart. Tiger II...... nuff said.

Besides the Maus and Type 5 now... it is just medium fest again, and those heavies are getting nerfs, however slight.

mp31b30q9 #25 Posted Aug 17 2017 - 13:06


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WG's failure to address game issues, i.e. premium ammo and terrible corridor maps = every tank will have 800 mm of armor.

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