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A Message to all the Compainers

server merge na central ping complainers bad problems impatient vent get real

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Michael_Cochrane_2017 #61 Posted Aug 22 2017 - 17:08

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View Posttrapsuutjies, on Aug 22 2017 - 02:54, said:

I'm running 1400wn8 since the merge, with near 300ms. Thanks for the compliment :B

Seriously though, the difference of 15ms on 50ms is nothing. The difference on 250ms, is A LOT. It all depends on what your baseline was, if you want to determine the real impact. There is also a lot more rubberbanding since the merge, but I'm confident WG will resolve this soon enough.


Happy tanking!


Soon enough? NOT soon enough....I fought in a couple last night that was more like watching a keystone cops silent movie than a 2017 computer game....seriously, tanks were leaping forward, back, forward back forward back....see an e tank, shoot, by the time the round got there they were 30 feet to the right.....

it is my understanding that the server merge was because there weren't enough players in the west...(can anyone confirm this?)...if that's the case, why "punish" those in the east because of this? Instead of ACCOMMODATING the lack of players in the west, how about focusing on getting MORE players in the west?

Da_Craw #62 Posted Aug 22 2017 - 20:59


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I get marginally better ping on the new server and WAY less rubberbanding.  The server location should not be a problem for anyone in North America.  Going from 20ms-100ms is not because of the distance between DC and Chicago.  There is some other routing issue going on in those cases.  That said, those who are off continent may just be hosed.  It does make a difference when you go from 200-250.  Those who cavalierly cite human reaction time need to remember that reaction time is only part of the equation.  If you are anticipating a tank poking out and your ping is 100ms higher than the opponent, he may well have shot you even before you see his gun clear the building he is poking from.  It is not the be-all, but lag does make a difference.

ToothDecay #63 Posted Aug 22 2017 - 21:32


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For everyone who ACTUALLY has problems, the web portal has a "survey" that will earn u stuff.  You have to do a bit of work, though.

BUT, if your pings and packets now suck worse than before, fill it all out, and MAYBE you'll see some changes.

Anyone know what "anecdotal evidence" is ?

Cause this post is full of it.


I STILL love the game.......sometimes the combat gets frustrating, but for craps sakes, I can drive a King Tiger.


Learn to adapt, the rest of you.

Takamiki #64 Posted Aug 22 2017 - 22:29


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I will admit one thing I have noticed since the server merge, and this is based on my own personal experience and will definitely not be the case for everyone. My ping in general has indeed raised from a mostly 45-60 ms to 50-80 ms for me, but I have noticed a lot less sudden lag continuous spikes where i get a good ranging of half a minute to 2 minutes of constant 999 ping jumps. Seeing as this merge has only been up for a short amount of time this might not be the case later on. However, we will not know if this will be good or bad decision in the future until we give it time to develop. While changes are risky, nothing gets fixed if nothing changes. If there really was such an obvious perfect solution it would of happened already. WarGaming is far beyond perfect, but in reality nothing is.

Michael_Cochrane_2017 #65 Posted Aug 23 2017 - 01:01

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View PostDa_Craw, on Aug 22 2017 - 13:59, said:

I get marginally better ping on the new server and WAY less rubberbanding.  The server location should not be a problem for anyone in North America.  Going from 20ms-100ms is not because of the distance between DC and Chicago.  There is some other routing issue going on in those cases.  That said, those who are off continent may just be hosed.  It does make a difference when you go from 200-250.  Those who cavalierly cite human reaction time need to remember that reaction time is only part of the equation.  If you are anticipating a tank poking out and your ping is 100ms higher than the opponent, he may well have shot you even before you see his gun clear the building he is poking from.  It is not the be-all, but lag does make a difference.


You are darn right.....and I experienced that more than once today.....not just 200 to 250, that's only a 50 increase, when you go from 50 to 250...that's tremendous.....

I alluded to this in another post: I used to play america's army, got a buddy into it, he got his live in gf and her two kids into it...they were all playing on his one router. They caught me in scoring and surpassed me in a month or two...then I played a round with my buddy (no, I did NOT play around with him!) and he said what the hell are you doing? It turns out that after a few tests on a private map, I was playing a full 5 seconds behind everyone else...lag? that's ridiculous....he said "how the heck did you ever score a kill"? (I figured out that my kills were from stationary targets that stayed still even when I was firing or shooting off a grenade). 

But that was just my ISP....the one I'm on now I have full 50 mbps up and down fibre optic and there's NO one on this line but me......and there was NO lag before the server move.

Sure people say "it shouldn't matter the distance" but in this case, it does.

darthcmo #66 Posted Aug 23 2017 - 02:58


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People have valid issues, there are lag issues! its getting ridiculous. Chicago isn't central. People may like playing at 100+ ping but I DO NOT. I pay dearly for the best internet connection I can, best router, an awesome pc, and spend lots of money on WOT so yeah I'm not gonna put up with lag and high latency. 

SacherMasoc #67 Posted Aug 24 2017 - 02:43

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View PostNacMacFeegle, on Aug 20 2017 - 13:35, said:

The claim that higher pings don't affect gameplay is complete and utter nonsense. Trying to steer a scout at full speed at 100ms is a ludicrously irritating experience since the server merge. A fraction of a second can be the difference between life and death, or between a shot hitting and missing its mark. If the central server ping cannot be significantly reduced then East/West servers must be put reopened ASAP.


I've played nearly 5k battles (38% light tanks) with a minimum of 150ms, average of ~200 to San Jose. I'm still trying with 280ms to Chicago. 100ms would be a wet dream.

ATankFullOfIdiots #68 Posted Aug 26 2017 - 08:27


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my ping doubled and games are just as bad or worse since the merge. Your entire post is wrong.

WIZD #69 Posted Aug 26 2017 - 13:39

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View PostMichael_Cochrane_2017, on Aug 19 2017 - 02:24, said:

I had a theory about the quality of players....I was thinking, "why would all the "team" players almost always be on one side".....could it be, all the premium players get ranked together?

Sure enough...played about 30 rounds just now.....always on the crapteam....won maybe ONE or TWO rounds....14 kills to 2....then premium account kicks in...whoa, back up to 50% win ratio....in fact, I think I won a lot more than that......could it be? well, when ALL players have premium accounts, they're distributed equally, when not? hmmmm

So either it's that, or "suddenly" on friday night, ALL the players started playing in teams.....

I'm open to another explanation but as I have said before, what is different? only things are: quality of players, day or premium accounts.....


No I noticed that in early in the morning and late at night I have the best games. But I had three months of prem time and my games didn't change much when it ran out. Since the server change I have lost 20% more games though. I don't know if it's because the east servers play style is messing with my chi or what.

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Gnevsie #70 Posted Aug 26 2017 - 14:53


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Really wish I could transfer to the EU server, but ... WG's rather stingy and repeatedly state its entirely 'impossible' despite having done it for NA-EU-RU to SEA servers, and just recently after the merge, did it for EU to NA for the aussies ... like, so why cant we have an NA to EU for once? I'd love to play on a server closer to me and keep my progress, why would anyone start over when they've spent so much money on an account? I can feel and smell the 'I dont give a crap about you' from WG with there customer support, I've even had one call me an anti-russian racist.

But hey, NA server will soon die anyway, especially when the server numbers are this pitiful. nearly 9AM in USC, nearly 10AM in new york, etc etc ... and only 12,100 people online on saturday! where as the EU server is about 90,000 players. Christ, WGNA, let us just leave already - let the sinking ship finally sink instead of trying to keep it afloat with your stupidity as of late and your utter lack of care for the community, you aren't thankful for us - instead you repeatedly destroy any balanced tank, make some of the most overpowered premiums, haven't addressed power creep WHATSOEVER, made the majority of the French tech tree obsolete, rendered the vast majority of decent tanks worthless and you consistently trash your own community, crapall over it.

Thanks, WG, having now nearly constant 300 ping is really bloody nice of you. But hey, what can you do right? cant run two servers for such a small playerbase, lets merge the servers into a server that caters to only ONE region in the US, [edited]everyone else.

*Sigh* I've explained to them why I want to go to the EU, its not primarily due to the ping. I can't stay up that late anymore, I suffer from a throat tumor, more commonly called by Doctors, neck cancer ( No joke, thats actually the technical term. ) and with the drugs I'm taking, my body just cant handle staying up so late anymore, and would do me a world of good if I could just play WoT at normal hours at-least?

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Captn_2m8ta #71 Posted Aug 27 2017 - 19:08

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View PostUTurnTerminator, on Aug 17 2017 - 03:01, said:

Negativity in the WOT forums, say it ain't so! :teethhappy:


In all seriousness, I wholeheartedly agree OP.


100% agree

tdjohnston #72 Posted Aug 28 2017 - 07:20


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When you have it good, of course you won't complain, and just because you have it good, does not mean everyone does, a percentage of us players have been affected by the server merge in a negative way, yes there is a survey and what not, and yes wargaming claim they are working on it, and the majority of us understand that. However to say people shouldn't complain or people should adapt will NOT solve anything, Put yourself in our shoes, and try to look at things with the prospective of those negatively affected.

If you found yourself in a situation due to a change that made your gaming experience unplayable, would you also keep quiet?

People complain for a reason or many reasons, and complaining does get things resolved or at the least discussed, keeping quiet about something that clearly puts people in a disadvantage won't solve anything.

People complaining on the forums in the past have guided WG in changes that they have implemented, from vehicle re-balancing, to changes in the game mechanics.

How will WG or even the playerbase know of an issue if it is not spoken about or complained about.

The entire principal and definition of a FORUM is a vehicle or medium where ideas and issues can be exchanged and discussed, this creates a community and by definition a Forum, if opposition and issues are kept from this medium or is kept silent, then this Forum ceases as a forum and becomes a partisan mouth-piece.

It's interesting how this post is about not liking the negativity/rants of people, yet by definition this OP's post is a negative rant about people on this forum too.

billyzbear #73 Posted Aug 30 2017 - 12:09


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Before the merge, i noticed that the east server players played different than the west. Depending on the map, they would defend one flank with some TDs/some tanks usually by base. Everybody else would go the other flank in a swarm. This type of play style can cause some grief if you get stuck defending.No one likes having three or so tanks coming at you and you don't have enough support. It can work out great for the swarm and you can win. The right tanks have to stay and swarm. On the west server, usually the flanks were about equal. Heavies/top tier would go one way and weaker/lower tier would go the other. 

Now I'm seeing tanks that are not going/attack that should. Usually, it's a low PR tank that is just not getting with the program and doing random to be nice crap. Depending on the map, I see more of the east server playstyle. it is what it is. 

I would like to see a different random team battle. You start off with a random battle, if the team wins, the team stays together. the tanks stay the same and they play another team and so on. At some point the teams that win, play other winning teams. Winners would get extra prizes, credits or something. The challenge would be to stay on a winning team and see how many games you can win. It would be nice if the teams started more balanced like the same number of heavies and so on. Maybe all of the same tier. 

The central server has not been kind to me. Most of the time I'm at 100-110 with spikes in the 200. Sometimes the game kinda stops then everybody is in a different place. Tanks just disappear for a second or two. I have had tanks that I'm looking at pull out shot me and I never see shell hit me. I had an IS6 drive right up to me and shot me and I only spotted him after he shot. I shot him, like 50 meters apart. He disappears and then shots me again and kills me and is not spotted at all. I talked to tanker after because I'm thinking cheat. He too told me that he has seen glitches like this and even shooting threw buildings. These kind of problems need to be fixed. The whole mod thing  needs to be checked when you start game. If you have an unapproved mod then the game will not start. A game like WOT won't start if there is a modded file. I would think it wouldn't be to hard to find the cheaters, yet in this game there is a lot, a third of the legionnaires that come into our clan battles have that disstruction mod that shows what has been run over. How many are using aimbots?

8Tracks #74 Posted Aug 30 2017 - 15:40


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If my ping was just higher, I wouldn't be an issue.  The problem is it varies so wildly. When I use the command prompt and ping the new central server, its 32ms.


when I play the game its consistently over 150ms and spikes to 700ms. It really has been unplayable for like a week now.

Voodoo_Ranger #75 Posted Aug 31 2017 - 12:25


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View PostBlackstone, on Aug 17 2017 - 13:21, said:


You consider 90-100 ms "high ping"? That's like a blink of an eye!


Get a grip.


It is when your playing against people that have 30 lol.


Mondochiwan #76 Posted Sep 01 2017 - 19:44


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Ha. Try 350ms with occasional bouts of 600 with packet loss. It's like shouting instructions across a crowded bar to a deaf-mute who is controlling your tank on the other side of it.

yruputin #77 Posted Sep 01 2017 - 22:43


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View PostFarGloom, on Aug 17 2017 - 07:10, said:


I gotta vent too, I been here since 2011. The servers were far more packed back then than they are now. This new server merge is more east coast than central. NA WEST has always had the lesser amount of players, NA EAST had back then 2-3 times more players than the other server ever did. Whilst I never had any real issues with ping on either server before or after, I do now have issues with not being able to chat with my clan. I get out of 1 game and get a lag spike out of battle and I have to reboot the game if I want to chat with my clan. I say bring back the old servers!




trapsuutjies #78 Posted Sep 04 2017 - 08:55


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View PostMondochiwan, on Sep 01 2017 - 20:44, said:

Ha. Try 350ms with occasional bouts of 600 with packet loss. It's like shouting instructions across a crowded bar to a deaf-mute who is controlling your tank on the other side of it.


HAHAHA Nicely said, yes that's exactly like it. Last night in one game it was so bad, every time I was reloaded I would click a few dozen times just to make sure the server responded eventually. The only thing I'd like to add, is that the deaf-mute has only a left hand, and his mouse is set up right handed....

Thornir #79 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 19:58


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View PostD3M1NG0, on Aug 22 2017 - 06:39, said:


You are confusing reaction time with perception. You are obviously not good enough to tell the difference.


​Yeah, retired test pilot. What do I know about reaction time...

radki89 #80 Posted Sep 11 2017 - 22:58


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Venting a bit. Just came back to WOT after about a month off. My ping went from 45 ms on east server to 251 with spurts over 300. This is about what it was if not higher than when i played on west server. I live in Ohio so in theory Chicago should IMO should be about the same as the east coast.  Admittedly I'm not really as familiar as i should be about how ping works but i have a general idea. It is very frustrating that i wasted $ on premium before i played on the new server and it isn't playable for me at all so i wasted my $. Maybe it's due to a higher player base on one server. As for the survey it's down right now. Just my 2 cents.

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