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cef_browser_process.exe has failed.

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odd8all_1 #1 Posted Aug 22 2017 - 01:26


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Any idea on a fix? This doesn't completely shut down my game, all it does is it makes my screen black, and I then have to change windows, close the error message, and then reopen World of Tanks. Only on some occasions does it make me have to force quit the game due to the current session being corrupted or something like that. This just gets frustrating because this is common for my game and i have not been able to find a way to fix it for a while. Thank you.

black_colt #2 Posted Aug 22 2017 - 18:43


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Not sure what is going on so I am recommending deleting the WoT Mac Wrapper using the Studly Utility.


The next steps will [Delete Completely] and [Disable Torrents].  The WoT Mac Wrapper can be very sensitive to using Torrents - not sure why.


Go to the following Forum thread and download the Studly Utility from dstud208




Install the Studly Utility 


Go to [Documents] then [WoT] and duplicate the [replays] folder.  Move that duplicated folder to the Desktop.


Launch the Studly Utility


NOTE: If you want to keep your replays you must duplicate the [replays] folder and move it to the Desktop. The next step will completely delete all files.


Click on [World of Tanks] then [General] then [Delete Completely] then Click on [OK] in the next dialog box. 


Next click on [Live Server] and click on your region. Your web browser will open and download the region-appropriate DMG.  After download completes - double click on the DMG and drag the WoT Mac Wrapper app to the [Applications] folder.  After the app copies eject the DMG.


Double click on the app to launch and wait until you see [Updating game client:] then click on the double vertical lines immediately to the left of [PLAY] button to stop the update. 


Quit the WoT Mac Wrapper.


If open quit the WoT Mac Wrapper and make sure all world_of_tanks processes are quit/closed. Use [Activity Monitor] in [Applications][Utilities] and force-quit any open world_of_tank processes.


Go Back to/Relaunch the Studly Utility


Click on [World of Tanks] then [General] then [Disable Torrents]


Launch the WoT Mac Wrapper.  


Install any updates to the WoT Mac Wrapper - this is separate from game updates which happen in the [PLAY] dialog box after the WoT Mac Wrapper finishes launching.


Let the game install any updates needed in the [PLAY] dialog box.  When complete click on [PLAY] and log-into the game.


Please let the Forum know if this works ...

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