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Lag and ?

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paddler1 #21 Posted Sep 04 2017 - 00:26


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I am no longer angry.  I have moved on to acceptance and sadness that it is getting less and less worthwhile to stick with WOT.  Good thinking WOT to hold lots of promotions so more people sign on when you are having major problems, but what the hey, the spice must flow!  You see the community contributors branching out to other games, clearly the golden goose is on the operating table and the bean counters won't look into life support options still it is cold and stiff and no more gold eggs appear and customers so mad they will not come back even if problems solved.  Fool me once.


I suggest playing the lower tiers.  I am in California and at Tier 8 the problems are the worse with huge jumps and impossible to aim.  I am guessing that more data is exchanged on the high end tanks than the lower end ones or just the server load is higher since they have been pushing the higher tiers where gold is being almost mandatory.  Still can have fun at 4 through 6 and the tanks are more historically interesting.  Matchmaking is totally missed up on tier 8 anyway, 9 out of ten you are low tier and just targets for tier 10 that cannot be penned even with gold.  Gotta love that Chinese heavy.


Great game till the bean counters took over management and balance went out the window to be replaced by pay to win.  World of Warships also did their own Foch moment on a CC that said their new carrier was not ready for sale and they took away his CC and gave it back after surprise surprise the community was furious. 


The lag times are not as killing during the week and when they are not giving away things that will cost you money in the long run away.  Notice it is always the price of tanks on their race to tier 10, not experience, that they cut, and only 50% on the low end tanks.



billyzbear #22 Posted Sep 04 2017 - 10:24


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I mostly enjoy playing tier 6. It's more lad back. I've only been playing since Christmas so I don't know how it once was. My clan is moving to tier 8 clan battles so I have to boost up crews. Not enjoying it much. You have to shot APCR to pen most of the time. It feels like the game system is broken. You play higher tier battles you can't make money even if you win and do ok and not shoot APCR. Many times I play a T30 and shot HE do ok 1500-2000 da and not make credits, even winning. Tier 10 what a joke. You work, work and work some more to get to tier 10 and you can't play them long because they cost soo much to run. Even with premium account. I have my boy farm credits playing lower tiers...


I have one foot out the door. Lag is a major problem. WG is not telling us what is going on or if this is as good as it's going to get. The new one I heard the other day is it's my service provider. Ping on other servers is great...

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