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Player Suggestions to WoT for Tournament Design

1V1 Platournament Tournament

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Josies_boy #1 Posted Aug 25 2017 - 03:35


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First, I want to thank and acknowledge @dance210 for the work she undertook in managing tournaments on our behalf for the past several years.  I am aware that she has recently moved out of this role. 
Second, Assuming that WoT will enable tournament play to continue (along the lines of the 1V1, Platournaments, Skirmishes), perhaps we can offer the developers some suggestions as to what we would like to see in in the design / construction for this format. Hopefully we will not be ignored, as I believe there are sufficient players interested in tournaments to make our interests at least a topic for consideration.  All suggestions welcomed even if WoT may consider them to not be viable, due to "technical limitations" (I.e., in response I received to the first three suggestions below), but at least we try to be heard and achieve some dialogue with WoT.  In regards to my fourth suggestion below, I expected that team placement in tables was random. However, I was advised "As for your [fourth] suggestion, we originally elected to not use player rating to make groups. Instead, for the Platournaments we used a tournament rating, as that tracks how well a team does. I am unsure how the new team will elect to make groups going forward, so please do present your ideas on the forums".

    Problem - Players sign up but sometimes life gets in the way and they need to opt out last min, so team enters tournament short

    Suggestion - Enable the Capt to bring one player onto the roster after the team is submitted "confirmed" and one hour before first game begins.


    Problem - Tournament play has been degraded by the inability of chat with the opposition.

    Suggestion - Tournaments are different from random battle.  The event benefits from being able to give an 07 to the opponent and/or exchange intelligence. e.g., "The uber team brought in three lights and went hill."  At least it levels the field a bit.  Please consider  opening chat with all in tournaments, even if it is just during the first minute of the game.


    Problem - Teams composed of consolidating single players is not working.  The problem is that many have no intention of playing the tournament, they are just after the "free" gold, should the team actually perform.

    Suggestion - A one of player's entry could require a redeemable entry fee of gold / credits  (50 gold 10,000 credits). If they fail to show for the tournament then they forfeit the entry gold to the team members who did play.


    Problem - Tables could be better balanced.

    Suggestion - Based on a simple average of each team's personal rating compared to our teams average, I have found that completion is best achieved by teams that are within 20% +/- .  Outside of this range the outcome is generally predictable.  If teams were    consolidated into tables based on this very simple principle, the events would generate much better competition for all.  If teams want to enter into battle with much stronger competition then this could be identified when the team is confirmed.  I would not allow teams to opt to play against much weaker teams.


Appreciate any contributions you can add. 



Kamahl1234 #2 Posted Aug 25 2017 - 03:42


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I'm not gonna lie, the "Exchange intelligence" isn't something I'd really support, as revealing strats doesn't sit right with me. Strats make or break tourney play, and a team knowing their opponents before-hand is pretty crazy advantageous. 



Also, doesn't your second to last suggestion go against the first? Or are you proposing a way to have random tourney teams get abused?

Josies_boy #3 Posted Aug 25 2017 - 16:37


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Kamahl1234, appreciate your comments. My perspective is that intelligence sharing can generate a slight advantage, but I can rationalize it as an element of battle planning, similar to awareness of using gold ammo, particular types of tanks, or tactics to suit a map.  Knowing one's enemy is useful.  The chat with all, in tournament, adds some dynamic to the battle.


In the three "random tourney teams" I've been part of, I've ended up alone (three team mates missing), or with only one other player.   This is different from a team being submitted by the Capt and finding out beforehand that one player must pull out.  Mind you, if a player in a WoT consolidated team need to pull out before the event, and advises the Capt / WoT, then maybe a replacement could be obtained.  The "fee" impacts those who have no intention of actually playing. It's certainly not intended as an abuse.


However, these first three suggestions were all discounted by WoT for "technical limitations".  They were just examples.


What I'd like is to let WoT know what we are interested in having for community tournaments.  While anything is better than nothing, maybe dialogue will generate some ideas that they can apply.


Here's one more:


Problem:  A single start time for tournaments makes it difficult to coordinate players from upwards of six time zones.

Suggestion:  Enable players to chose a table based on a start time of 9:30 pm EST or 9:30 pm PST.












Crue_64 #4 Posted Sep 09 2017 - 13:00


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It's it possible you could make the tourmants later at night like 8pm pacific time or so bc 6 pm I feel it's way to early a lot of us work and not able to participate ,it would help a lot , if u would consider it would be very much appreciated

TheLoveHitman #5 Posted Sep 09 2017 - 18:05

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If tournaments were held later people on the east coast wouldn't be able to participate because they have to go to bed for work in the morning. The reason they start an hour earlier than most things is because it takes a long time to do group stages and such. Sure it would be better for west coast if it was later, but remember then east coast can't play either.  They try to even it out to east coast doesn't have to go to bed at 1am and west coast can actually be around.

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Bedwyr #6 Posted Sep 10 2017 - 20:36

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How about a  progressive tournaments based on the following lost maps


Tier I-IV  Province, Komarin, South Coast

Tier V-VII   Hidden Valley, Port, Severgorsk

TIer VIII-X  Dragons Ridge, Pearl River, Northwest


Also the times need to be around 8 pm for EST people, that 9  30 pm for a start time if the tourny is 2 hrs long.

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dominator_98 #7 Posted Sep 11 2017 - 04:43


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As far as scheduling, we are all just posting what works best for ourselves and assuming it would be better for the majority. The best way to do it would be to give 2 start times for the same tournament, say one at 7 and one at 9 but only let you sign up for one.


That said, it's not in WG's interest to allow more people to participate because they have to give away more gold.

cavalry11 #8 Posted Oct 04 2017 - 15:45


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A lot of good ideas I concur on having 2 start times that would work out well for  all players. should not be that difficult to accomplish.

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