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where is this CENTRAL server?

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Isola_di_Fano #21 Posted Aug 28 2017 - 08:33


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View PostCrisis7, on Aug 27 2017 - 01:14, said:

Why they move the server from nice places like Washington DC and San Jose to a crime infested craphole like chicago. 


Crime infested ? Really ? Don't believe some of the propaganda you hear on TV.


In crimes per 100,000 persons Chicago is ranking 28th in the USA according to the FBI, while the DC area is ranking 11th...

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EnglishBob_ #22 Posted Aug 29 2017 - 08:46

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My American geography is poor .. so I would say it's located centrally in the US of A    ....  Ohio   :honoring: or Idaho ... where Radar came from .. you know that Potato from MASH ... do the MASH  :trollface:

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8Tracks #23 Posted Aug 30 2017 - 15:48


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View PostEnzo_K, on Aug 26 2017 - 00:42, said:

     My ping jumps between 30 and 150 after the merge. Some time even worse, up to 200. They call the new server the CENTRAL server, and i live right in the middle of America. People even call my state the crossroad of America. So, my guess, Indiana is too far away from this central?

     Used to play on the east server with 30 to 50 ping without any problems. The win rates tells me to stop playing until they fix the new server. Dropping from 62% plus win rate down to 58% plus daily.



I'm in Michigan and I agree, my ping time varies wildly 150ms to 700ms, and I'm not on wifi, I have a wired connection.


When I ping the new central server from a command prompt it says 32ms, but game play is completely different.


I'm positive it has nothing to do with my computer, its not doing anything and my resource meter is only like 6% and my frame rate is 85fps


It seems like they need to allocate more resources to the server, or something.

Acts #24 Posted Sep 15 2017 - 16:12


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Personally...I'm still running 115 FPS @ aprox 77 MS/Ping. Pocatello, ID.

FieldMarshalGuderian #25 Posted Sep 29 2017 - 23:26


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Central Server SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS! I'm getting dc'd at least 3x a day in the middle of battles. Wired connection, have done everything WG requires. It still drops & freezes. Premium account, teammates po'd, I'm frustrated. Before the merge, we could switch from USE to USW if traffic was heavy. Now, we're stuck w/ this useless & pathetic excuse for a server. I am SO sick of this. WG will stall & hem & haw & never admit responsibility for this mess.

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