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T30 equipment?

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socomseal #1 Posted Aug 22 2011 - 14:24


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I just got the T30 and was wondering what equipment I should put on it?

I am definitely getting a Gun rammer. I was thinking about getting either a vertical stabilizer or Gun laying drive and a spall liner. Although, crew ventilation would be good too. I can't decide.

herpderp #2 Posted Aug 22 2011 - 14:27

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You need a vert stab with the recent dispersion nerf.

I went vert stab, spall (for arty splash and HE on the turret), vents (for more accuracy).  With that setup, all I need to remember is that every heavy tier 7+ is going to fire faster than me, because the only competition is the E-100, and most of them mount rammer.

Sputter #3 Posted Aug 22 2011 - 14:29

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i popular setup my friends use for the t30 is vert stab,gun laying drive, and rammer.

ZKaiZ #4 Posted Aug 22 2011 - 15:09


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Me personally I use the following setup.

Vert > Camo net > Rammer.

Although the rammer doesn't add much, I feel that it helps.

as what herpderp had said, With the recent dispersion nerf, the vert helps alot.

I don't know about vent helping with accuracy all that much[Since its just 5%], but its just my setup.

Minds_Eye #5 Posted Aug 22 2011 - 15:53


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I notice the rammer helps a lot. I use camo net, spall liner, and rammer. I do feel the accuracy is lacking sometimes, but I like the setup overall.

Jaeger_34 #6 Posted Aug 22 2011 - 16:09


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In clanwars you'll be at the back of the assault force fireing every time you reloaded,often changing targets quickly.  You want to be able to keep up with IS7s when an assault order is given.

Rammer - your tank isnt worth much.  Your gun and turret is.  The faster and more accurate you are the more you are worth.
Stabalizer - see above
Vents - you are quicker, you aim faster, everything in your tank works just a little bit faster.

TheRonmasteh #7 Posted Aug 22 2011 - 20:17


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I agree with  :Smile_great: pretty much. You are a "big gun" tank beyond anything else.

VS is always good. More needed now with the nerf.
Vents is almost a must-have.
Rammer is somewhat overrated but you will need it to exploit the potential of the cannon.

Spall Liner is for a mazochist tank that has a lot of armour on both turret AND HULL and a lot of HP. lolhull of the T30 does not need HE at all.

Instead of the rammer, if you want to play it more like a turreted TD, I would recommend Binocs. With a full crew with camouflage, Camo net + skill do stack, but the camo net coefficient is not as strong when stacked. Just a recommendation.

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