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Update 9.20 Bugs, Issues and Feedback

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Ramesis #161 Posted Sep 17 2017 - 21:15


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I just updated W10 and can't get into WoT

It goes to the pg displaying "World of Tanks" but then goes

to desk top (doesn't display login pg)

Any help will be appreciated



Colddawg #162 Posted Sep 17 2017 - 22:04


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When will WG fix the broken invite system?


Defunct invites hanging in the garage, accepting bad invites prohibits you from joining a battle.  These seem like they should be priority on the list since they prohibit you from joining a battle.

bluestealth #163 Posted Sep 17 2017 - 22:11


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None of the boosting spots on Fjords have been corrected.  None of them...


Fix them, do your f****** jobs, for once.

qinta1 #164 Posted Sep 17 2017 - 23:59


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I have had issues where sometimes in battle I am unable to use the small repair kit when I am tracked. It has only happened when that module is taken out, all other modules repair just fine. It is not an issue with my keyboard, and I am currently not running any mods.

losthope13 #165 Posted Sep 18 2017 - 18:12


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when will we get word of the account transfer from na to the eu server, or have you given up on this idea???or will this become one more broken promise?  

drrocketman779 #166 Posted Yesterday, 12:03 AM


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Would a brand new ASUS STRIX Republic of Gaming edition laptop, standard out of the box. Should it be having issues?

Traskus #167 Posted Yesterday, 12:09 AM


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Getting into a battle on Fisherman's Bay or Prokhorovka causes what appears to be a memory leak, slowing my computer down to near-unusable levels and forcing me to kill the WoT application through Task Manager (which takes up to five minutes to load as a result of the memory issue). Everything else works perfectly fine, both with and without mods. I've also tried using the SD client instead of the HD client, but that has no effect.


EDIT: This also seems to happen with Siegfried Line.

Bob177 #168 Posted Yesterday, 02:00 AM


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it appears that there is  a bug in Ranked Battle slow loading and after the game disconnects the client


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