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Vehicle Rebalance Feedback

Patch 9.20

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RoundpegSquarehole #41 Posted Sep 08 2017 - 04:59


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I'm still getting the hang of the game so I am not sure what my opinion is worth.


Balance 2.0 didn't really address the issues that the community was crying for as I see it.  There were some quality of buffs to vehicles and some real head  scratchers.  The Japanese super heavies being one of them.  The problem with them in my opinion is their armor not their guns and traverse.  They are massively OP if top tier and a xp farm if bottom tier for the most part.  When these tanks are nerfed it helps when they are top tier but makes them unplayable if they are bottom.  I assume the algorithm  used to populate the matchmaker is based of player name or email.  I assume this because the name I use  is terrible for RNG when pumped into a lottery system.  The matchmaker populates me 75% of the time as bottom tier or as close enough as makes no difference.  During my "FREE Spin"  I more often than not end up in a 1 ir 2 tier game.  The only time I tend to hit top tier is in my premium tier 8's for obvious reasons.  So in the off chance on my "free spin" I use my Japanese super heavies I only get mediocre matchmaking.  I don't think the trade off was worth it considering how often it's "OP".


Balance 2.0 in general

This wasn't even a dent in what the community asked for and you assured us at the Grand Final would happen.  Wargaming has mentioned some of our concerns but hasn't taken any outward action on it.  So moving forward I have a list of Suggestions that I would have prefered to see in this patch that would be a benefit to the game.



-Limit equipment mounted to vehicles from tier 1 to tier 2 to one slot and crew skills to one  active to cut down on seal clubbing of new players.

-Limit equipment mounted to vehicles from tier III to tier IV  two slots and crew skills to two active

-normalize mediums and heavies like the other classes in the matchmaker.

-chance small repair and first aid kits to function the same as the large but with a longer cool down much the same way as WoWs

-under no circumstances should a player lose credits if no premium rounds are fired IF they have a premium account at any tier.

Gun Mechanics  Rework suggestion

I've heard that the developers want to give us as players more choices and I think this rework gives us that choice.

This idea has two branching ideas


-half the price,half the alpha damage of premium rounds


Create a new round that keeps the pen of a premium round but halves the alpha damage.


You get the choice of having your DPM to have a higher chance to pen tanks.  It helps lower tiers be more effective if they wo0uld have a hard time penetrating even with premium rounds.

If a new round was introduced in this way I would suggest that the player would only be able to carry three kinds of rounds and would have to choose one round to leave behind in the garage.  It doesn't address all issues and some tanks don't follow this model and this wouldn't apply very well but as a baseline I like this idea.  If a new round is introduced I would like to see it at base ap price but it's just a thought I have been kicking around lately.

The beauty of the half alpha is the trade off of dpm and the fact that you have to expose your tank twice as often but you have a better chance to handle tanks two tiers up and can actually contribute more than tracking shots and harassing fire.


If anyone can elaborate how this idea could be improved please do so and of course kick it to death like the sad puppy it is if you feel so inclined.

Yeah I'm new and don't know nothing but I just started this game low tiers are significantly less fun since the gap between tiers can be mammoth and the premium spam is terrible and the seal club is real.  If you got this far thanks for sticking with me.  Have fun in game!!

Manu___ #42 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 18:08


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I think that the HE guns are a real problem in this amazing game.  The problem with buffing armor it that it reduces the skill required to play the game and forces people to shoot prem ammo, it is possible to flank on some maps but there are too many open fields/streets for tds to sit in a not move for the whole game.  This, along with the HE guns of the jap hts, and arty, I have decently high stats and this causes my to get focused by arty in every game with more than 1 arty.  

I think that if you removed XVM, and then stopped a team from seeing anything other than the tanks on the enemy team.  this will make arty not be able to focus players for being good or being in a good clan. 


the HE guns on the type 4 and 5 completely take skill out of the game for the driver and the enemy tank.  the driver has enough hp and armor to poke and shoot things, not shoot weak points (250mm weak spot wth?) and the enemy cant do anything about taking 600+ dmg.   What is the point of armor if you cant use it?


also make the stun not effect the enemy tanks and simply give the arty more xp


and please make rng on pen less, this will bring some skill back into the game and make prem rounds less used (most good players use prem to mitigate rng on pen)



Manu___ #43 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 18:11


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