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[Poll] Is the Defender Overpowered?

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Poll: Defender (88 members have cast votes)

Is the Obj. 252U Defender Overpowered?

  1. Yes (56 votes [63.64%])

    Percentage of vote: 63.64%

  2. No (32 votes [36.36%])

    Percentage of vote: 36.36%

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johnmadara #21 Posted Sep 02 2017 - 23:14


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its not really a question... it is OP and multiple multiple statistics prove it

johnmadara #22 Posted Sep 02 2017 - 23:27


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View PostHOTA_CHATON, on Sep 02 2017 - 22:12, said:


​If statistics prove this, then why does it always place lower than most other so called OP tanks in opinion pols, except here in the US? 



SilverEaglewing #23 Posted Sep 02 2017 - 23:30

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View PostMad_Dog_Seabee, on Sep 02 2017 - 21:10, said:


You know for a Community Contributor you sure seem to freely talk crap about the Company you are supporting. That really isn't a good idea mate.


I never said it was balance,d I simply said it wasn't overpowered. It is tough sure, but most players are raging idiots and don't know how to play the thing. They see a good replay and assume that the thing is invincible and over angle their armor with the false impression that the Defender is special and doesn't adhere to the Game Mechanics like every other tank.


Also, actually I do have to aim my derp gun, you should know this. Plenty of tanks block my HE when I try to snapshot or try to pen the side of a tank that is angled correctly. Derp doesn't mean I will always do damage dude,


Yes I understand the Defender can kill my 416 in three shells, if he aims...which seems to not be the case lately. People don't aim very often anymore, they just shoot and assume the shell with magnetically hit the target because they bought a supposedly pay2win vehicle. Hell, I bounced the Chrysler GF off my Obj 416;s turet the other day on Paris. You know how stupid you gotta be to bounce a shell from high damaging tank off the turret of tier VIII ledium tank? I assume you do since you've been playing so damn long.

Scorp can say what he wants, just cause hes a community contributer doesn't mean he can't voice his opinions.

Blucraft #24 Posted Sep 02 2017 - 23:36

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I don't have it and I say no.  



Cenotaph #25 Posted Sep 02 2017 - 23:45


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View PostHOTA_CHATON, on Sep 02 2017 - 14:12, said:


​If statistics prove this, then why does it always place lower than most other so called OP tanks in opinion pols, except here in the US? 


Umm... because opinions are not statistics, or facts... they're opinions!


The hard data, however, shows that nearly anyone can get 5% higher WR than their average, just by playing the Defender...

Demonic_Angel_of_Death #26 Posted Sep 03 2017 - 05:59


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View PostHOTA_CHATON, on Sep 02 2017 - 17:12, said:


​If statistics prove this, then why does it always place lower than most other so called OP tanks in opinion pols, except here in the US? 


Because the opinion of it is "It's not totally unkillable, nor is the reload fast, therefore it has drawbacks, and therefore not OP" 

However just because a tank has some drawbacks doesn't make it balanced, the Defender/252U are extremely easy to work around these drawbacks...

Azriella #27 Posted Sep 07 2017 - 17:26


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View PostBogusBadger, on Sep 02 2017 - 12:55, said:

I notice terrible players always defend things like the defender because it's the only type of tank they can win in.


I'm a terrible player and I can't win in the Defender that much sadly.  I think it's my most played tank and I have like below 50% win ratio in it.  (I know I'm bad, you don't have to tell me.  Hehe.)  They always pen my pike nose.  :(  I won't defend the Defender too much because honestly it's a great tank for bouncing.   Once you expose the nose you're pretty much done now that everyone knows to hit you there.

Ie_Shima #28 Posted Sep 07 2017 - 19:12


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I'd say that is on par with the VK 100.01P, since that's the tank it has the most comparable stats to.  


I won't lie, I bought the 252 because I needed a tank for the then tier 8 clan wars, and I didn't have time to grind up the lines to make it before the season started.  Its a good frontline brawler and my WR did go up. 


Across the board, in every tank. 


The 252 taught me how to successfully play a heavy tank, especially how to make the most of your armor and angling.  It also taught me to identify and protect my weak spots, and to learn how exploit my enemy's.  (For example, just to the left of the 252's barrel there are a pair of view finders that have 0 armor and act as shot traps.  If your face hugging, aim there.)  Because I know how to play the 252, I know how to beat it.  I don't fear them in any tier 7 to 8 tank because I know what to do when I see one.  As for tier 6, any tier 8 tank is scary when its facing tier 6.  


I don't think the 252 is OP, anymore than I think the VK100.01P is OP.  It comes down to learning your tank, and the 252 is a very good tank to teach that.  It doesn't mean that driving one makes you invulnerable and immortal.  I've aced the 252 and currently have a 51% win rate in it, because I know how to use it.  Yet I see players, including members of my own clan, who have a higher WR than I, far more experience in the game, and tens of thousands of battles under their belt, who can't play the 252 for sh*t.  They leave themselves open to shots, don't angle, and die in completely embarrassing ways because they didn't learn how to play their tank.  


Learn how to play your tank, or better yet, learn how to beat your tank, instead of just jumping on the forums to b*tch.  

thanegerous #29 Posted Oct 19 2017 - 03:44


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may I please trade in my IS-3A for a defender?

Mudman24 #30 Posted Oct 19 2017 - 03:46


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I have trouble killing them in tier 10 mediums and lights sometimes. That’s stupid.

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