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34% winrate over last 141 battles since 9.20

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nubbc #61 Posted Sep 11 2017 - 02:11


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very bad ping time for oceanic player after merge. the ingame ping time shown is not the real ping I believe. Recently I cant even aim and shot probably (Maus with all level 4+ skill crews.) Cant hit a thing in range.........   

frontflip2cool #62 Posted Sep 11 2017 - 19:58

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View PostTedsc, on Sep 04 2017 - 18:16, said:

This is spread out over multiple days multiple sessions.  To be fair I am still getting solid XP when I play well thanks to the missions but their are people who are AFK with better winrates.




i am having a lot of success with mm for me(except for past 24hr. because mm screwed me hard). just look at my forum signature:


diego999 #63 Posted Sep 11 2017 - 20:50


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View PostBeornotns, on Sep 10 2017 - 16:02, said:

Yeah, my average damage and exp continues to rise, but I will have HUGE chunks of losses...  That means, to me at least, that I continue to improve as a player regardless of the situation I find myself in.


Just keep at it man!


Good luck!




*EDIT* - It would seem as if WoTLabs.net is running a bit behind.  I am TELLIN' ya, I have had abysmal losses this entire week on WoT, and so I went to the website proper to prove it:

So, damage is above my average, and so is experience, and yet...  Those losses man...  Oh well, when WoT gets me down, I pop over to WoWS and get my ships on, and that seems to reset the system and I can come back and play.  At LEAST enough to get my dailies out of the way.


Your recent WR is 2,5% higher than your general WR...


Can't stand the catastrophic losses I tell you!

Beorn_of_the_NorthernSea #64 Posted Sep 13 2017 - 21:41


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View Postdiego999, on Sep 11 2017 - 11:50, said:


Your recent WR is 2,5% higher than your general WR...


Can't stand the catastrophic losses I tell you!

Well, ever since I started grinding the Conqueror in order to unlock the FV215b before it gets put in the Foch 155 territory, my win rate and my damage just started climbing...  Although, my kills dropped a bit.  I think the lower damage, at least as it pertains to the other Heavies and TDs at 9 and 10, mean I can get a few shots off on an opposing tank, but someone else will get the kill.  SO, damage?  fine...  Kills?  Not so much...


Pity about the Marks of Excellence...



PeterAn #65 Posted Sep 14 2017 - 02:41

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View Postmanimal79, on Sep 04 2017 - 10:14, said:

According to wotlabs:


'Active players:


Average Win Rate: 49.7%
Average WN8: 1030
Recent Win Rate: 50.54%
Recent WN8: 1215
Average Tier: 6.12



You are 46.77% in your last 1394 games played with a 971 wn8. Your overall 47.97% with a 691 win8. It appears that you're playing below the active average so a drop to 34% wr is not really all that surprising. On average most people will experience anywhere from 5% to a 10% wr drop over a short period of time but usually end up bouncing back to their average wr after some time.


Just as an fyi. I've used wotlabs to check my stats during a small period and it was wrong - by a lot. So even though the dates I had were correct, the stats they used could not have been entirely from that time period - or perhaps a small sample from within that period.

StiffWind #66 Posted Sep 14 2017 - 05:40


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View PostStriker_70, on Sep 04 2017 - 18:24, said:

Win rate doesn't matter very much in this game, especially at extremely small sample sizes of 150 games.  It's affected by too many variables to be a reliable statistic.


Statistically speaking, a W/L ratio of 34% (only one game won for every three played) is highly improbable with even a smaller sample size.  You need to brush up on statistics.  Many of the variables you speak of even out as you play more games.  This would be less the case if you played games with smaller teams.


BurglarOfBanff_ff #67 Posted Sep 14 2017 - 13:09


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I'm at almost 55% win rate since 9.20.  I must be getting some of your wins.

Suzume_Hiroko #68 Posted Sep 14 2017 - 14:58


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I would have to say that I have noticed my win rate dropping since patch 9.20, but it could be that I'm playing sessions that are an hour at most so I can't really get into the game. And if anyone says that I should not play low tiers I'm not. I've been playing tier VIII and getting on teams that lose in 5 minutes with almost half the team dead in 2-3 minutes. My dmg per game and xp per game has been going up too so I've been playing even better then I did before 9.20. I normally blame my team but I guess it should be expected for your teams to suck since over half the players in this game is a tomato.

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