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Fictional vs Real vs Blueprint Tanks

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SuperJaws100 #1 Posted Sep 04 2017 - 23:33


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I see a lot of people often complaining about having to fight tanks that never existed or existed only in blueprints. However, there is often a lot of debate about certain tanks and whether they existed or not (e.g. Japanese heavies). I don't think anyone has ever made an attempt to categorize the tanks in the game definitively into real, fictional, blueprint, fictional configurations, etc. Would the community be interested in attempting to make a consolidated list of the tanks (including premiums/reward tanks) in the game? I was thinking categories could go like this:


Entirely Real - tank entered active service and variants existed for most (if not all) of its potential configurations.

  • Examples: M4 Sherman, KV-1, Tiger I, M24 Chaffee

Based off Real - tank is based off of an Entirely Real tank but in most (if not all) of its potential configurations it did not exist, or else is designated or named incorrectly.

  • Examples: T-28E f30 (actually designated the T-28-85), M8A1 (the howitzer is accurate but the main 75mm cannon and 57mm cannon are not)

Late Stage Prototype - tank existed as a fully functional prototype and could've been mass produced in its top configuration had the project not been halted; alternatively, a configuration of the tank that was tested or even made ready for battle but never saw service.

  • Examples: Jagdtiger 8.8cm, M7

Early Stage Prototype - only parts of the tank were finished, or there was a semi-functioning wooden mock-up or some other solid testing on the tank that never passed initial prototype stages.

  • Examples: Maus, E100, O-I

Inaccurate Prototype - the tank was either an early or late stage prototype, but its depiction in game is inaccurate due to naming or design inaccuracies.

  • Examples: T28/T95 (same tank), T110E3/T110E4, FV-215b 183/FV-215b

Blueprint Tank - the tank only existed in blueprints, drawings, or a mock-up AND these blueprints/drawings are confirmed to exist by multiple third-parties (e.g. Wargaming doesn't claim to have the only copies of the blueprints).

  • Examples: Emil series, AMX 50 Foch series, O-Ni/O-Ho, E75, E50, T28 HTC

Entirely Fictional/Inconclusive - tanks that are almost if not entirely made up by Wargaming, had too many liberties taken with their design to be considered based off blueprints, or whose existence is inconclusive because only Wargaming claims that it exists.

  • Examples: GW E100, AT2, the entire WZ-111 series and many of the other Chinese tanks.

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SunTzu71 #2 Posted Sep 04 2017 - 23:53


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Maus should be considered a Late Stage Prototype.

jo5419 #3 Posted Sep 04 2017 - 23:58

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were it go the ferdinant whit the inaccurate 12.8 cm?

SunTzu71 #4 Posted Sep 05 2017 - 00:01


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View Postjo5419, on Sep 04 2017 - 14:58, said:

were it go the ferdinant whit the inaccurate 12.8 cm?


The Ferdinand is a 100% real vehicle, just with a unhistorical gun to make it competitive at Tier 8.

PrimarchRogalDorn #5 Posted Sep 05 2017 - 00:26

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ket101 #6 Posted Sep 05 2017 - 00:26


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KongZhong, the owners of the Chinese WoT server, are the source of the Chinese vehicles.  Wargaming didn't invent them, it was KongZhong if anyone.

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