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Cent AX....

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oldewolfe #21 Posted Oct 06 2017 - 14:31


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AX is a lot of Fun....     Only Tier 10 I have right now, leaning on the Kranvagn and Object 140 for the others, maybe even the 183 and 4005 IF I can get motivated to start the Grind...     lol


Need to put the Cent 7/1 back in my Garage too....      deHombre's Skin looks Killer on that Tank (if I recall that's where it's from) and it's a Blast to play like the AX, and it has HESH what could be Finer...     


Too bad there are no real Skins for the 183 and 4005, only 1 for the 183 if I recall....       Looks Good too....    4005 just not being nearly as Popular is what Kills that I'm sure....

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